Friday, November 20, 2015

Syrian Refugees and Stupidity.

Huffington Post - Mayor Wonders If We Need WWII-Style Internment Camps After Paris Attacks. Ok so this mayor and the other politicians it discusses are complete and utter idiots and fascists. You do not get to say you defend the Constitution and then put people who have not been found guilty of anything in jail or an internment camp. What this country did to the Japanese was the most illegal thing this country has ever done. You might think slavery was the worst thing we have done or even the killing of the Indians; but, those things were actually legal. They may have been worse; but, they were legal and that is a separate issue.

Huffington Post - Jeb Bush: Let's Focus On Helping The Christian Syrian Refugees, Rather Than The Muslims. I guess if we really want to play it safe we will only allow gay atheists in the country as they have more to fear from ISIS than any other group.

Huffington Post - Ben Carson Compares Some Refugees To Rabid Dogs. Ever since the attacks in Paris a lot of Republicans have been spouting very anti-Muslim nonsense. The United States supported a civil war in Syria and now there are people trying to leave that country, what a surprise. Every Muslim is not a fanatic anymore than every Christian bombs abortion clinics. Extremists gravitate towards religious dogma because it justifies their actions in their minds. They just blame their actions on God.

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