Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Those Who Rule and What They Hate

The easiest way to control people and have them build their own cages is by convincing them that it is in their own best interest and having them choose the answer or solution themselves. The people who manage the world are those who have studied control. Political Science is the study or controlling societies. With the advent of democratic voting it became the study of influencing public opinion and policy. While many have heard of Machiavelli's "The Prince", it was not the first such proof of this school of learning, it was just the first time the public became aware of it. Prior to that, people didn't even consider the fact that a methodical approach was used to control society.

If we accept the fact that people study controlling others than we must ask what things would they find the most of a hindrance. Democracy is one thing that would get in the way of control. This is also the reason that many have always tried to limit voting to specific groups. In the United States both women and blacks were not allowed to vote for decades and decades. Many who voted on the constitution wanted to limit voting to male land owners. Why don't we let felons vote? I mean just because someone is a felon doesn't mean they are not effected by the laws that they must live under and remember, they already were released to society. Political parties are nothing more than a few picking their parties nominees. The reason nobody likes our choices for office is because they are chosen by a few within the party and the party is meant to tell you who to vote for. Party conventions are not really to choose the candidate, they are there to excite the members who only think their opinions matter.

The Church gets in the way of those who wish to rule the world or a nation. The church says there are rules that you must live by. It does not matter which religion you pick, they are all hated because they all tell people what they cannot do. Cannot means to refuse the government. Mohammed Ali refused to go to Vietnam based on religious conviction and he was found guilty of a crime for it. Many went to jail when they refused to kill during the Vietnam war.

True socialism, that is people working together for the common good, is detested by those who wish to control. You cannot control the majority of people if there is no carrot or stick. Even worse is the idea of the great unwashed masses looking out for their best interests by working together, they have to be reliant on getting rewarded only when they benefit their leaders. While independence is seen as annoying, interdependence is seen as revolt.

The thing that pisses off those who control us the most is when we don't follow, when we choose for ourselves and are in agreement and don't give them the answer they want. For the first time in a long time we have two candidates who are not controlled by the controllers of this world, Trump and Sanders, and you know what they will not be allowed to win. I would bet money in Vegas on that right this second. Neither will be President. The winner is probably going to be Clinton. If the Republican party sabotages Trump, I guarantee that a lot of Republicans will leave the party. Parties have died before, you don't see too many Tory's anymore. If Trump gets the nomination and loses to Clinton the Republican's will blame it on their members who voted for Trump in the primaries.

Now here is where life could get really interesting. What if Trump won the Republican nomination for President, accepted it and then ran as an Independent. If he did that, he would beat Clinton because Democrats would feel better about voting for an Independent than a Republican. Now that would be truly interesting. I do not expect Trump to run as a third party; but, if he won the parties nomination and then ran as an independent anyways, he would win. Heck, if he actually did it the way I have outlined, congress; both Democrats and Republicans, would have to vote for his policies out of fear of losing their seats in the next election.

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