Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12-23-2015 Just Some News

Yahoo - CNBC - Tim Cook gets support in his salvo against taxes. Simply put, the Apple CEO said he was not going to bring the billions in money sitting overseas back to the United States because they don't want to pay taxes on it.

Market Watch - Tim Cook says this is the real reason Apple products are made in China. Once again the Apple CEO claims that American workers are not skilled enough to make Apple products. Yet the real reason is in the first article, it is to dodge taxes.

Yahoo - Frustrated Don Lemon Cuts Segment Short After Guest's Bill Clinton Comments.  A guest on one of the talking head shows was asked about Donald Trump use of terms when talking about certain women. The guest pointed out that Bill Clinton used Monica Lewinsky like furniture while he was president. The interviewer then ended the interview. I have to agree with the guest. It is a little hypocritical for Hillary Clinton to make allegations about Trump's attitude towards women considering how her husband treated women and her acceptance of it.

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