Saturday, December 26, 2015

Anadarko Chistmas Eve Murder

One of my readers sent me a comment about a murder in Anadarko, Oklahoma on Christmas Eve. I was already aware a news report about it and have been waiting for details to be released. As of now, I still have not seen a report on who was killed. The report states that the police are waiting to release the name until the family has been notified. As a consequence I have not posted the comment yet which includes names. I will post it as soon as I can confirm the names.

The internet is full of bloggers like me and many do not back up their statements with fact or follow traditional rules regarding publishing. My readers know, and a quick look at my posts will show, that I always include links to my resources used. I do this so my readers can investigate for themselves and so that I can defend myself in court if ever sued for what I write. I have written a lot about pension fraud and have named specific individuals and companies (Elliot Broidy and CIM Group most commonly); but, I have always backed my statements up with the reports that I am relying on.

As for posting peoples names. I don't unless I have proof. I have had more than one comment submitted to me that I did not post because accusations were made about people without supplying proof or resources. This does not mean that I doubt people who send comments only that I would never wish to imply someone did or did not do something without knowing and believing it myself to the extent that I would say it in court. It is very important to me that my readers know that if I said it, I believed it at the time and was willing to prove it. Even in regards to pension fraud, I believe things that I cannot prove yet and therefore am waiting to publish certain updates. This will remain my approach.

Here is what I do know right now about what has happened in Anadarko. A few years back a preacher named Pastor Carol Daniels was killed. The case remains unsolved even though the OSBI and local police are still keeping the case open. Anadarko only has about 6,600 people in it and is north of Oklahoma city. This Christmas eve a woman was found dead in a home there and a man was found seriously injured. The names have not been released by the police or the media. In general murders on Christmas Eve or Christmas are family members fighting and having old disagreements or injuries brought up again. Having said that, the comment I received said that one of the people involved was related to someone questioned in the Daniels case. As soon as I can confirm that, I will most likely post the comment.

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