Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Can Atheists Be Married?

Can anyone be married if they don't believe in the Judeo Christian God? If God said that Solomon had hundreds of wives, can we marry more than one person? If Jesus said that a woman he met had multiple husbands, what is marriage? Do people who don't believe the bible have the right to marry? Jesus said they did have the ability to marry when he said the woman with many husbands had many husbands. So if Jesus didn't require his approval for people to marry. what is marriage and can people of the same sex marry?

Marriage is a commitment of people to one another. God believes in free will and allows people to make commitments. He also advises against swearing by anything that you will keep your commitments. If you should not swear to God about anything then why should you swear to God about your marriage? Your commitments are not God's commitments, they are yours and he doesn't want you to swear to him that you will keep it, he just wants you to keep your word for you.

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