Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life in the United States

New York Post - Bloody photo shows California shooter dead. I was watching television when the San Bernardino shootings happened. It was one of those things you knew would matter as it was happening. For the first few hours they had no idea what had happened, the first real hint was that someone had left the party angry. That was it. They then said a black truck may have been involved. They also said there may have been three gunman and that only one person got in the truck. Now, days later, we believe there were only two shooters and that both left in the truck. We don't know what the intent was yet, there is no proof and presumed facts change early in.

Cheat Sheet - 8 Things the Middle Class Can't Afford Anymore. The new reality says that the middle class cannot expect vacations, a new car, student loans to go to college, emergency savings, retirement savings, medical care, dental work, or to miss a paycheck. Read the article. In the United States middle class means no security no matter how hard you work.

Yahoo - The Fiscal Times - Is Trump Leading a Genuine Political Movement? The answer is yes and no. All of my conservative friends like Trump and for very specific reasons. None of them think he is their perfect representative, they are just happy that he is sincere in representing their views. That is what scares the establishment the most, not Trump; but, the fact that conservatives are mad at the party and their destruction of the Tea Party.

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