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Donald Trump and Additional Thoughts on San Bernardino Shootings

Fox - GOP memo suggests Trump reality check for establishment. The National Republican Senate Committee has written a memo outlining how Republicans running for office should emulate his look and feel; but, also chastise him for being anti-woman. I have a link to the actual memo below.

Fox - Panic city: The GOP's pipsqueak 'revolt' against Donald Trump. It is fairly clear that the Republican party establishment is more afraid of Trump winning than they are of a Democrat winning and that is sad. What they are really afraid of is politicians not following party dictates and policy.

Washington Post - Memo on Donald Trump from Ward Baker to NRSC senior staff. The memo is one of the most cynical things I have ever read and highlights the problem with party politics. Lets look at some quotes from it. "Trump says what's on his mind and that is a problem". "People talk about problems not issues". The memo says that candidates should use PR of regular people discussing their problems and how the politician fixed it; but, it hen says "Feature them in your issue phase while you assume the role of citizen-servant". In other words, act like you are actually out for them; but, remember it is just a role. Wow. "We may not like it, but Trump has connected with voters on issues like trade with China and America's broken borders". This should make it apparent to the most strident Republican party that the party does not have your concerns or issues at heart. The memo then says to talk about anything other than outsourcing jobs or trade and that politicians should instead focus on Chinese hackers and their industrial espionage. "Trump has been gaining Democrat adherents and he's solidifying GOP cohorts who feel they have been totally ignored by the Washington Ruling Elite".

UPDATE: I wrote this post a few days ago and today, 12/11/2015, I found someone else discussing it. The video is from YouTube by The Young Turks.

Basically the memo says that the party is experiencing a "populist wave" and to just adopt the illusion you are one of them and wait it out. Trump for his part didn't take much notice of the memo. He said that the memo was basically about people trying to emulate him and that they couldn't. He is right on both charges. He was not surprised because he already knew the politicians lied to their voters. Now you may like Trump or hate him and you may be a Democrat or a Republican;  but, what you should really take from this memo is how insincere the parties are. The parties are not here to represent you, they represent the party big wigs who pay the parties bills and reward the politicians that vote for what they want. Now do you understand why companies that outsource American jobs still get tax breaks?

San Bernardino Shootings Update:

Well two days have passed and the FBI has been reviewing everything that led to the shootings. They have been questioning the people that knew them, reading their e-mails, checking out who they called and every aspect of their lives. Fox news insists that they were Muslim terrorists; but, that hasn't been proven and is probably not true. The thing about terrorism is that you have to let people know that what you did was politically motivated. They covered their heads with masks and did not say one thing while shooting people. My first thought was that this was workplace violence; but, neither terrorism nor workplace violence quite make sense and I will tell you why. Firstly, why did they stop shooting people and leave so quickly? They could have stayed longer and killed everyone in that room. Secondly, why did they return home and then leave again? Where were they heading? If it was just to kill more people they didn't have to leave where they were and if it was workplace violence then why did they have bombs and ammunition? They had made a perfect escape, why go back out? What if what they did was meant to be a distraction for the police? The man made a scene of leaving the party angry, what if that was meant to be his alibi down the road for something else. What if they had planned to rob a bank or store? I am not saying that is what happened or even that they are not terrorists, we just don't know yet. What I find interesting is people assuming that they were terrorists because they were Muslims. Guess what, there are Muslim criminals and bank robbers too.

By the way, I am confused by people saying that the couple involved was sophisticated or trained because they made pipe bombs. Kids were making pipe bombs in the 1970s, it is just not that difficult. It requires no training. You don't have to go to a terrorist website to learn how to do it. Now the fact that the killers had GoPro cameras is interesting if true. The question is what was on them. I would think that the cops would have immediately reviewed what was on the cameras, why have they not said what was on them? We don't know what their motivation was and that is strange. Both workplace murders and acts of terrorism usually include the people attempting to explain their actions. It also turns out that the two stopped going to church three weeks before. Also consider the fact that if the man was truly a devout Muslim why did he attend Christmas parties because this one was not his first. Consider the vehicle was a rental due to be returned Thursday and they wore masks and didn't talk. They were hoping to get off without being caught. By the way, one of the shooters friends was a Messianic Jew.

Here is a listing of the people killed.

Huffington Post - These Are The Victims Of The San Bernardino Shooting.

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