Saturday, December 5, 2015

What is popular on YouTube

Here are some videos that you might find interesting. Personally I know that I am not aware of much pop culture anymore. I don't watch much television and I don't even know who most of the people I see on magazines are anymore. I hope these links amuse and help my readers to know what is popular in society today.

YouTube - Meat Feast Challenge at Foxton's Bar w/ Black Pudding, Haggis, & MORE!!


YouTube - Vegan Food Taste Test.

YouTube - Top 10 Controversial YouTube Channels - TopX.

YouTube - Top 10 Daredevil YouTube Channels - TopX Ep. 6.

YouTube - Top 10 YouTube Cover Artists - TopX Ep.7.

YouTube - Top 10 YouTube Entertainment and Alternative News Channels - TopX Ep.10.

YouTube - Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels of 2014 - TopX Ep.22.

YouTube - AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!!

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