Monday, December 28, 2015

Fox News Believes Trump Supporters are Idiots.

I was reading some news articles at website and came across this video. It stunned me. It is from Fox news and is from one of their shows. Let us start with my biases. I don't particularly like Trump. I believe he is smart, hard working and not owned by the media or moneyed interests. While the media likes to focus on Trump's "outrageous" statements, the other Republican candidates are even worse. The difference is that for the others it is just words to placate voters, the others do not mean what they say, they are merely actors reading from a script.

What I find the most interesting about the Trump campaign is the media and his own parties reaction. I understand their attacks on Trump to retain the status quo for the establishment; but, now they are attacking his supporters. With support from almost half of all Republicans (currently Trump sits at 40% in the polls) there is now a move to discredit his supporters. Watch the short video from Fox.

Fox News - Are Donald Trump's supporters the real deal?

The first question posed by Shepherd Smith is to ask the guest whether or not Trumps supporters are real and if they are the kind of people who "cast real ballots"? He then says that Trumps supporters are the "low information kind of voters" I could not believe that Fox would insult Trump's supporters when they are the same Republicans that watch Fox News. They basically called Trump supporters idiots. What they meant was that Trump supporters are working class and middle class and not the party elite, the wealthy. If I were a Republican Trump supporter I would be angry an the party and at Fox news. This new media call is an attempt to shame people into not voting for Trump, less they themselves look foolish and it will fail miserably. People who support Trump will not continue to answer Fox surveys honestly and they will be shocked when Trump out performs the polls. I studied advanced statistics and survey methodology and I know this to be a fact. In attacking Trump and his supporters the Republican party and the conservative media is going to alienate their grass roots support. This is a fascinating election.

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