Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Brother and Why Ayn Rand Conservatives Are Idiots.

WARNING: This post has two aspects, one a very philosophical discussion and the other a really funny common sense question.

Logic is a process of connecting thoughts together. It is representational not real. All thought is organized by images. These representations may be with words, numbers, pictures or anything else. In the end they are all emotional responses to defined emotions. Degrees of joy and pain of right and wrong. If you have never read Helen Keller's autobiography you should. She was a woman who had no way to describe or share her experience with others, her reality was hers alone because she had no words, pictures or numbers to use to define her feelings and feelings are the essence of being. I think therefore I am is what Descartes brought to philosophy, Keller proved him wrong. I experience emotional changes, therefore I am is what she proved.

When you have read through the rest of this post, go back and read the first paragraph again and remember, I write without editing and as I think it. This blog is stream of consciousness as written.

Ayn Rand is the author of "Atlas Shrugged", "Fountainhead" and other books. She had a philosophy that said empathy and caring about others is evil. She believed that selfishness was what logic dictated because she did not believe in God or a higher power. Whether or not you or I agree or disagree with her conclusion, it is what she stated throughout her life that she believed. Many people in the Republican party are in love with Ayn Rand as are many who own this country. They are not really conservatives as most conservatives believe in a God and that we are to love and care about one another. Ayn Rand was an Atheist; but, it was more. At a philosophical level she believed she was the only reality she could prove, a Solipsist. In the end the logical problem with proving existence at all is that you have to at least accept that you exist and that it is the only thing you can prove to yourself. After you recognize that, you either believe you are everything that exists or that more than you exists, that is where the idea of God must come into the picture. To believe that you can exist and then die is silly because you have to accept that you are all that exists first. Logically you cannot accept both beliefs. Deep, huh?

That was the deep part, now it gets more common sense. So many "Libertarian" "conservatives" believe that government should only be here to pay for armies and others to protect our sovereignty. They will tell you that is governments most important and only job and even quote the founding fathers; but, they always miss what this country was founded on. It was founded for the common good and that goes beyond boundaries. My brother reminded me of that today and I don't know if he knew he did that when he did that.

My brother is really smart, smarter than he gives himself credit for. I'm really smart; but, differently. I am really good at working with word patterns to understand the world. That is what we test in this world. Whether it is numbers or words or sound, we know how to measure your use of those languages and they are all representational images. My brother understands where people are coming from and we don't have discrete images to represent that. He understands it without a language other than an emotional one. He is much better than I at gauging how much of a person's actions are based on selfishness and how much is based on caring about others. I am autistic and have a much harder time seeing that.

So, where do my brother and Ayn Rand Republicans conflict? My brother asked a simple question that I will paraphrase, why should I fight for this country if I don't have a chance to succeed or do well? Should the jews have fought for Germany's right to put them in concentration camps and kill them merely because they lived in Germany? In the south they call the civil war the war of the states. In the constitution the slaves counted as at least part of a person, would you expect them to have fought for the south to keep slavery because they were citizens of those states? Why would anyone fight to be a slave or have nothing and no chance to live a decent life? That is why government must provide more than border security to have the support of a population.

I will tell you why this country was intentionally sold out, the people that run this place no longer feel they need this place to personally profit. They don't view themselves as Americans, they view themselves as citizens of the world currently residing in this geographic area and no longer needing to be here to profit, that is why they moved the jobs overseas and that is why they are keeping their profits overseas. Free trade agreements are about moving money out of this country and keeping it in the same hands. You cannot legally board a plane with over a certain amount of cash on you; but, you can move billions of dollars to other countries to create new businesses.

The reason this countries economy was intentionally destroyed was so that corporate interests could remove assets from the United States and shift them to other places where they don't have to contribute to others. Germany has the most sophisticated workforce in the world, they make the best products in the world and Apple which claimed Americans couldn't make cell phones didn't send their manufacturing there, they went to China.

Since the economy crashed everybody in this country knows something is wrong with how we are reacting to it as a nation. We paid off the people who crashed the economy, heck, we gave them bonuses for doing it. It was not illegal aliens or Muslims that crashed the stock market, it wasn't terrorists who created and destroyed the housing bubble, it was a very small group of establishment corporate interests. It was the globalist agenda, a world without borders or national taxes of any consequence.

The reason that Donald Trump and Barry Sanders will not be allowed to win the election is simple, they would penalize people for sending jobs overseas and seek to put a stop to avoiding taxes here. Trump is not hated by the party elites because of what he has said in this election. That would be stupid as they had already committed over a hundred million dollars to Jeb Bush and an equally insane amount of money to Hillary Clinton to allow companies to continue to move assets of the United States overseas. Selling dollars and treasury bonds to other countries was merely putting American assets overseas. It is said that China is selling off it's U.S. Treasury bonds; but, to whom? Did they get sold to the Federal Reserve? The answer is no, the Federal Reserve has been decreasing their purchases of US bonds. We are watching a magic trick, it is one of the oldest, it is the three cared Monty.

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