Sunday, December 20, 2015

Manufactured Reality in Politics

Fox News - Fox News Poll: Cruz, Trump ahead in Iowa, Clinton holds caucus lead. Caucuses are voted on by staunch party members. Primaries are voted on by the people who choose to vote for one party or another. They are popular votes by supporters of the party. There are four party outsiders in the Republican party running for President, Trump, Cruz, Paul and Carson. Trump and Cruz and Trump and Carson together have much more than half of the support of the party members. Each presents the party establishment with a problem. Trump would always do what he wanted and would not allow the establishment to force it's will on him. Paul would likewise follow his own Libertarian beliefs. Carson is black and many Republicans would not vote for him for that reason alone; but, he also inexperienced. We do have a black president so clearly people are willing to vote for a black man in this day and age; but, a large number of Republicans believe Obama is not American and that he is the most evil person ever elected. Some of that hatred is distrust of blacks by a group within the conservatives.

Now we come to Cruz. Cruz has regularly annoyed the party establishment; but, he has also voted with them. He is to the right of most of his Republican congressmen. As between the four the party establishment would prefer Cruz. Now lets think about this. If I were advising the party establishment, I would want Cruz to win the Iowa caucus, if he wins they will then immediately be reports about how Trump cannot win a vote and why people should support Cruz as electable. Bush will come in third or fourth. It is believed that if Trump goes down in the polls he will pull out rather than suffer defeat, I don't assume that. It is also believed that many of the remaining candidates will leave if they cannot make a significant showing in the first few elections.

Yahoo - The Fiscal Times - How Many More Jobs Do We Need to Reach Full Recovery? It is believed that we need to create 6.4 million jobs to get back to where we were before the recession. Of the jobs that exist now, a third are part time, temporary of freelance. The employment situation is grim for the young. If we do not fight globalism and return jobs to this country our children are doomed to a future with few good opportunities.

Huffington Post - Jeb Is the Republicans' Only Chance Against Hillary. I want to start by asking why a liberal publication would say Jeb Bush is the only hope for the Republican party. I like this paragraph from the article:

"The Republican electorate is the problem, not the candidates. The candidates are trapped in a world that is dominated by anger and alienation, not a contest of ideas or even personalities. Jeb is the perfect case. He sounds genuine and reasonable. He can attract voters outside the base. He performed well. He may well be the Republicans only hope against Hillary. And he sits at 6%."

The New York Times - Donald Trump Campaign Lags in Mobilizing Iowa Caucus Voters. This article contains a lot of information about how the Iowa caucus works and it is truly bizarre to those of us used to voting for candidates directly. You should read it, it will effect who the next President is.

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