Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fox News Lied to You.

Huffington Post - Reuters - FBI Director: No Evidence California Shooters Were Part Of Cell.

Since a day or two after the San Bernardino shootings Fox News and others have reported that the woman involved in the shootings had posted Jihadist rhetoric on social media. It was claimed that this information came from a unnamed source. Well according to the Director of the FBI it never happened. In fact, the FBI has not stated that they know the reason behind the shootings and this raises a lot of issues.

Lets begin with this, why didn't Fox verify what they were publishing? Why were they so quick to jump to the conclusion that they did? Why did Fox ignore the obvious? A husband and wife walked into the husbands work and began shooting people. That is by definition workplace violence. It could have been religiously motivated; but, we don't know that.

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