Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We Bailed Out GM and They Outsource More Jobs to China And Lots of Articles

Sort of a spring cleaning of all the links to articles I have saved and not posted on.

The Telegraph - Marco Rubio 'helped cocaine dealer brother-in-law get an estate agent's licence. The short of the story is that his brother in law was convicted of selling $15 million in drugs and went to jail. His brother in law was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in jail and only did 11. After being released Marco sent a letter to the group that licenses realtors in Florida asking that they grant a license to his brother in law. He did however forget to mention that in the letter and was in the state legislature at the time. That is not what is interesting to me. Why hasn't this been picked up by the American press? The English paper published over two weeks ago, 18 days ago.

Yahoo - Harman CEO says autonomous vehicles could be less than 5 years away.  I spoke to my brother recently and I was talking about the issue. He asked a good common sense question and I would like to answer it here. My brother said that people had made predictions about the future in the past, predictions that we would have flying cars and travel on monorails. He pointed out that that those things never happened. That is all true; but, those were all predictions about what would happen a 100 years from now, speculative technologies. I should also point out that Las Vegas has a monorail and you can buy a flying car, it is just regulated like any other plane. This prediction about self driving cars is not a prediction about the technology being developed, it is already here. This is just a question of when implementation becomes common. I am reading more and more saying by 2020 and that is only four years away.

The Washington Post - Still don’t think Donald Trump can win? This chart should convince you.  Whether you like a candidate or not it is foolish to ignore the trends and deny to yourself what is obvious.

Yahoo - AFP - GM bets Americans will buy cars made in China.  Remember when Bush bailed out the banks and the auto companies? Me too. The Untied States government owned GM. Remember the joke about them becoming Government Motors from the right? Me too. Well they have taken their profits since them and saved a bunch of them up so they can build a factory in China and sell those cars in America. Why do we allow this?

Huffington Post - Why Bernie Sanders Has Already Won.  Interesting article. The author does not think Sanders will win the Candidacy; but, does believe it says where the younger Democratic voters are headed based upon their support for Sanders rather than Clinton.

Yahoo - The Atlantic - What If Bernie Sanders Is the Democrats' Best Bet?  The article plays a game with the reader and does not answer it's own title question. Instead it says that if Sanders wins the first four primaries, he will still lose because Clinton gets the southern votes. Both the establishment left and establishment right are trying the exact same games to weaken the favorites of their parties in favor of the establishment candidates.

Yahoo - AP - GOP establishment loses hope of winning Iowa, New Hampshire.  The wealthy donors to Republicans do not like Trump or Cruz and are now calling for the other candidates drop out so that an Establishment Candidate can win before Trump or Cruz gain momentum. LOL. This is a case of way too little way too late. LMAO. I guess the denial of how Trump could win is beginning to go away from within his party.

FoxNews - Why is the Republican Party taking shots at Donald Trump?  Let me give you the set up here. A Republican governor was chosen by the Republican Party to give their response to Obama's State of the Union Address. She took that opportunity to attack Trump in the same speech. The conservative media questioned that approach and then during the Republican debate, that same governor was there as a "friend" to Donald Trump. This stuff is just too funny and transparent. What do you want to bet that her poll numbers in her state went down after her attack on Trump? I will bet my whole bank account that the governor approached Trump and asked how she could make it up to him and be seen in a more positive light by his supporters. Trump now owns her.

CNET - Trump promises he'll force Apple to manufacture in the US.  I just love the hypocrisy of the owned media in this country. The author claims that Trump cannot possibly make Apple produce it's products in America and that if he used tariffs to do it he would be evil, even if we got the jobs I assume. Why is an American computer magazine against manufacturing computers and cell phones in America, the same nation that created these devices?

USDOT - Secretary Foxx Unveils President Obama’s FY17 Budget Proposal of Nearly $4 Billion for Automated Vehicles and Announces DOT Initiatives to Accelerate Vehicle Safety Innovations. The federal government is going to give $4 Billion to companies to find ways to allow self driving vehicles work in the United States. The Federal government is subsidizing the death of millions of driving jobs. Your political parties at work in support of the few and wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

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