Friday, January 22, 2016

More Establishment Lies and Propaganda About Trump.

The Davos World Economic Forum is a meeting of the wealthy and the powerful to set the world agenda. This quote is from Wikipedia, "The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss nonprofit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva. Recognized by the Swiss authorities [1] as the international institution for public-private cooperation, its mission is cited as "committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas". If you have never heard of it then they don't need to have a secret conspiracy to control the world. By the way, they have their own website so you can read their stuff for yourself.

World Economic Forum

YouTube - Reuters - Davos elite alarmed at prospect of nominee Trump.

Now the article claims that the elites in Davos don't like Trump because he wants to keep out illegal aliens and come up with a plan to screen Muslims to see if they are radicalized. This article claims that the elites don't like Trump for saying those things in a rude manner; but, they also don't like Sanders according to this article. Hmmm, why don't they like Sanders? What do the two of them have in common? Well the article says they are populists, that means supported by the majority, just like Democracy is meant to be for. They also refer to them as being nationalists. Usually when you call someone a Nationalist it is meant to refer to their wanting to go to war with other nations; but, both Sanders and Trump were against going into Iraq. Both want to use the military less. Why would this bother the peace loving globalists? One of the globalists, the Chief Finance Minster of Chile, said, "In Chile we have a deep view that integration of the Americas is a good thing, whether it is goods, financing and yes people. So I’d be happier with a more welcoming rhetoric." He said that Trump's words were not inviting to this.

The Huffington Post believes in globalism as does the Republican establishment. On both the right and left you have people who do not believe in nations. To them that is the real number one enemy. They are confused that Americans are finally wanting to protect this country to the globalists that sold out the nation. From India to South America and all the rest of the world the few who own and control the world are worried by Trump and Sanders. The article shows how they believe Trump is just using strong rhetoric or just trying to expand his brand, that he is not serious. That is called denial and Trump better make sure he has real good security, the best. Once they pass the point of denial they go to fear and then they do bad things, that is history.

I am a socialist, anyone who has read my blog for long should know that because I don't hide it. I actually registered to vote today and I haven't voted in 15 years because I was so disgusted by the nominees. I would not vote during the Bush era, the Clinton era, the Bush Jr era or the Obama era. I wouldn't vote for any of them because I could see how controlled the races were, the candidates were and how little difference who you voted for meant. I registered as a Democrat. I would like to see Sanders win. Now I wished I had registered as Republican so that I could vote for Trump in the primary. Trump scares those who would continue to loot and weaken this country more than the others. Now, it may be that they don't think Sanders has a chance; but, at this moment he scares them more. Why? Why do Social Democrats in Europe want to see Hillary win more than Sanders? Oh, yeah she is Globalist and he is not. You cannot have a effective left or right in a country if you have no nation and that is what globalism is all about.

Did you know that in England recently, their Parliament had a vote on whether or not it would allow Trump in their country because he said things in an American election they did not like? F them, who the heck are they to tell us who they like that is running for President. We do not as a nation tell other nations who they can and cannot like or support, that is anti-democratic. What would you think if other countries made formal statements on who we should or should not vote for to lead this nation? Should Iran and China be able to say that if we vote for Trump or Sanders, they will not talk to them in person for the purpose of effecting our votes?

A musical interlude while I write about other news. YouTube - Alice Cooper - Steven.

The Telegraph - World faces wave of epic debt defaults, fears central bank veteran.  I don't have any debt, that nation has debt; but, I have paid all mine. How far do you think the defaults be allowed to go, just nations or all people? Who is the debt owed to? Other countries or other countries banks? Did you know that only ONE country paid the United States back for the loans we gave them during World War II? Nations default on their loans to other countries by agreement and there are many of them over history. Would you rather see our nation default on it's debts or allow all the citizens to do the same? Are debts primarily personal or national? That is a dilemma for Libertarians.

FoxNews - Effort to find San Bernardino terrorists' hard drive, crack encrpyted data, challenges FBI.  I hope you remember awhile back when I wrote about what happened in San Bernardino. I said the media was making statements that they could not prove and their statements were about the motive in the case. Well, guess what, the FBI is still trying to figure out the motive in the case because they don't have any firm evidence. That is what is in the article.

Huffington Post - They've Invented An Ingenious New Type Of Intersection That Could Save Lives. Read the article; but, remember the particular design is meaningless to the greater issue. In Europe the streets are narrow and old because they were not built for cars and because of that many inner cities strictly limit car traffic therefore bikes are used. That is why America is building unused bike lanes on central city streets, to make the streets not work for personal automobiles.

 Yahoo - Business Insider - A self-made millionaire says the single most effective way to get rich is a simple decision most people don't make.  Here is his earth shattering advice quoted in a Business-Elitist paper, "pay yourself before you pay" your debts. Read the article, lol. After you read the article you will understand why the world faces a wave of epic defaults. It is because they people that took the loans are not going to pay the loans and they want you and I to go into permanent debt to pay the loans for them.

Yahoo - Bloomberg - Regulation Made the World More Dangerous, Blackstone CEO Says.  This is my favorite type of lie from the media.  Let's start with this, over 90% of all mass media is owned by 6 companies that control all mass media. That means that the .01 percent of the population control all media. Do you think there are poor people owning any newspapers in the United States? Each of these six companies are globalist companies. That is simply a fact. You can make more from pushing an agenda then from newspaper sales, that is also a fact. What makes more for a paper, sales or advertisements?  This article claims that regulations caused the economy to fail because the regulators did not catch all the corruption. Still, their solution is to regulate less. Why do we want cameras on every street to catch pitch pockets and terrorists; but, not check on or regulate the banks that stole trillions?

Daily Mail - He's vulgar, vain and obnoxious. But refusing to take Trump seriously would be infantile folly, says Stephen Glover.  Another article, opinion, from another country on who we should elect. Why are international elites so afraid that America might put America first? Imagine an American paper posting an article that said the same about someone running for the English Parliament. Would you like that?

Yahoo - AP - Palin's re-emergence underscores GOP split.  This article is by someone who believes Sarah Palin was the reason that McCain lost the election. McCain lost because even Republicans did not like him, the voters not the managers of thought, those with their own opinions didn't like him. The article talks about and then ignores that Palin was the VP nominee because she was from the tea party. That election was used to blame the tea party for the loss of the election by their establishement candidate. They lost because McCain was a political hack and an establishment follower.

Yahoo - .Mic - Latest Iowa Caucus Polls 2016: Here's Who's Leading for the Republicans and Democrats.  Sanders 51%, Clinton - 43%. Trump 37%, Cruz 26% and the others below 14% each with Bush having only 3%.


Anonymous said...

"We do not as a nation tell other nations who they can and cannot like or support, that is anti-democratic"

I need a little clarification on what you mean by as a nation. Because to my knowledge,(please correct me if I am wrong)but as a federal government the US and British through the CIA overthrew Mossadeq from Iran and established a dictator the shah. Mossadeq to my knowledge has been the only freely democratically elected leader of Iran. You should listen to the wistle blower who wrote economic hit man. He has a talk on youtube giving many more examples of this.

Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymous 1/22/2016,

I agree and am well aware of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" which I have referenced in the past. I should have written that "We should not as a nation tell other nations who they can and cannot support".