Friday, January 29, 2016

Election articles and a fun science article at the end.

Yahoo - Mic - Latest Iowa Caucus Polls 2016: Here's Who's Leading for the Republicans and Democrats. Sanders and Trump are leading in the polls for Iowa.

The Fiscal Times - Trump vs. Sanders? Get Ready for a Populist Disaster. I like this quote from the article, " Now, a Trump-Sanders showdown in November isn’t just possible, it’s one of the more likely outcomes. That would guarantee a populist, anti-establishment outcome and could even become the greatest shock to the American political system since the advent of the two-party system in the mid-nineteenth century." I want you to read the quote twice. What the financial world fears more than anything is not Trump's temporary Muslim ban or his wanting to kick out illegal aliens, they are also not as afraid of Sanders "socialism" as much as they are afraid that for the first time in since the early 1800s the popular vote, the people would pick their leader. They are afraid of a "populist" movement, that means the average citizen.

Fox - Roger Stone: Why conservatives should back Trump

Fox - 'The Five' Co-Hosts React to Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump.  Basically as it happened the conservative media was shocked by him getting Palin to endorse him. They then spent their time trying to figure out how they could make her endorsement lose meaning.

Yahoo - Mic - Nobody Is Happy With Disney's No-Fly Zone Anymore — Not Even Disney.  Disneyland has a no fly zone over it. Disney asked for it; but, they want to be allowed to fly drones over their property and that violates the no-fly zone. Do you have a no fly zone? I don't have a no fly zone. If you or I asked for a no fly zone should we then be able to secure it for us to fly only? Obviously no fly zones make it tough on air traffic and that is sort of important. Are drones important? Not to me. Maybe we should have two types of no fly zones. The first that restricts all flights except authorized  flights and the other that allows for drones. The drones fly at a much lower level. If we are going to allow for no fly low flying zones then I should be able to have one and not just Disney. Why should someone be able to fly a $300 drone with a camera a hundred feet over my head taking pictures of me sunbathing?  Look, Disney does not have an emergency need to fly drones over it's property, they just want to do it and film it. They need to pick between having a no fly zone and not having one and if they can fly a drone over my house then I should be allowed to fly one over theirs.

Business Insider - The Fiscal Times - Lindsey Graham just changed the game for presidential hopefuls.  Lindsey Graham, the man that had been running for president and dropped out has just proposed a bill that would allow the president to send troops into any country he chooses if they are fighting the war on terrorists. We could theoretically invade England if we discovered they had a terrorist in their country. It violates the Constitution and eliminates any congressional control over war and it includes our own country. Mr Graham is a traitor. We already have the Constitution that allows us to go to war with anyone so long as the Congress approves it not the President.

Huffington Post - Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It's Not Your Election! It is an article about the "donor class" (that means the wealthy people that buy politicians and elections through the party system) needing to stop the voters from determining the outcome of the race.

Yahoo - Reuters - Michael Bloomberg may launch independent U.S. presidential bid: source.  Here is the donors thinking on Trump at the moment. They want to have Bloomberg or Romney run against Trump to cut down on his votes so that the convention can be brokered. Bloomberg could not win if he hat to and he knows it. There are deadlines for running in state primaries and he has met none of them.

Yahoo - Business Insider - One of America's most respected former military officials is worried about the 2016 presidential field. You can always tell when you are being manipulated, it is when they use an expert in one field to talk about a different field. They picked a military person to attack the national policies of Donald Trump rather than an expert on national policy, specifically he spoke about the wall between the US and Mexico. You pick people in their field to discuss their field unless you are creating pure propaganda.

Yahoo - The Fiscal Times - Here’s Why the Republican Populist Revolt Will Backfire.  Simply put and article about why the donor class will win and the voters don't deserve to be heard.

Yahoo - GOP finger pointing over Trump rise finds many targets.  The donor class is trying to figure out how the media and the attacks by political hacks has failed to destroy Trump and the people involved are blaming each other. If you have read this blog for a long time, listen to the whole video. In the end you should be able to read behind the lines. He says that Populists are not Republicans. He means that the majority is not conservative because they are also nationalist and believe in this country first. He later chastises them for being working class and implies that they are stupid and don't know that they should listen to their superiors. If you will listen to the interviewee, he was also against the Tea Party conservatives who he also considered stupid.

Huffington Post - Chinese Scientists Engineer 'Autistic' Monkeys.  My, my , my, why did the Chinese genetically engineer monkeys to be autistic? They claim to better understand autism. Why couldn't they just study people who were autistic? LOL. It is all a joke. It is said that 1/3 of all autistic people may have special abilities. Those that do used to be referred to as having Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's people can see things quicker and clearer than a computer or a think tank. The Unabomber had Aspergers. He entered college at like 13 or so and was a brilliant student. He was then put under some stress tests, emotional stress tests, without his knowledge. He was part of an illegal CIA program called MKUltra and you can read about it in the congressional record. This is the same program that used to slip LSD to businessmen who were visiting hookers to see how it effected them. Read up on the program. The Unabomber was studied because he was one of those unique geniuses, the ones with Aspergers who understand something without having to figure it out. Scientists are not interested in creating more people who are autistic and smash their heads into walls, they are interested in creating more autistic people like Einstein.


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