Monday, January 25, 2016

The Devil Has Never Been to Hell, Yet.

This is a religious post that will probably confuse my Christian readers; but, it is true. When I was preaching I always tried to challenge beliefs that were based more on tradition than on the words of the bible. It is said that traditions make void the word of God.

Lets start with this. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Satan has been to hell. In fact it says he was thrown out of heaven down to earth. It also says he is the king of this world until Jesus returns at which time he is thrown into the pit. The pit is all we know about hell. As far as we know from the bible, Jesus is the only being to have been in hell and come back. Satan hasn't been there yet, it is where he is headed; but, he knows nothing about what it really is. At least no more than anyone else, he just knows it is not a nice place.

The media image of the Devil is of this powerful being when in fact the Devil makes lots of mistakes (just read Job or the new testament) because he is an idiot a self important idiot at that. His goal is to stay out of hell by proving that people are worse than him. That cruelty is worse than selfishness while embodying both in himself or herself. I don't believe the gender of angels or devils is written in the bible, I am not even sure they have a gender are you?

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