Monday, January 4, 2016

Police Shooting Unarmed People and Leaving Armed People Alone Why?

So once again we have a bunch of people who believe they are the United States Private Protectors. Morons who commit treason are not my heroes, they are the enemy. Here is a question, why are all the so called "patriots" also bigots? You may remember the fight that happened in Arizona by a rancher named Bundy who refused to pay his fees for grazing on Federally owned land, well his son and his friends are not playing the same game in Oregon. You may recall that his father was finally ignored after he claimed that blacks would be better off as slaves.

A cartoonist made a really simple point. If it is okay to kill unarmed black children who have toy guns, why don't we shout people with real weapons who have openly threatened the police like the "militia" holding the land in Oregon? Do the police not believe these people will shoot them because the "militia" is all white people?

So what is the lesson to be learned if you are white? I guess it is to carry a weapon around the police. And what is the lesson to learn if you are black, I guess it is to also openly carry a real weapon around the police. Do you believe the NRA would support an advertisement for all blacks in America to always open carry weapons when in public?

There was a lot of moral outrage by conservatives over the #BlackLivesMatter movement because a very few of its supporters called for shooting cops. In Oregon we have a group of people with weapons taking over a federal facility and saying they will kill cops if challenged. For consistencies sake alone, shouldn't the cops just kill them all?

This is not a new thing. While the Occupy Wall Street Movement was going on the police in a coordinated federal action evicted the unarmed protestors from their encampments. When the Bundy ranch controversy I questioned the media and conservatives did not support getting rid of the militia on federal lands; but, had openly accepted the police getting rid of the Occupy Movement from legally being on local public lands. Think about it.

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