Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Self Driving Taxis In Four Years

Huffington Post - AP - We're Getting Closer To Self-Driving Taxis.

Here is a line from the article. "In Japan, a company called Robot Taxi Inc. plans to offer a full commercial service in 2020. In Greece, driverless buses called CityMobil2 have been tested in real traffic. General Motors Co. said Monday it is investing $500 million in ride-hailing company Lyft Inc. and forming a partnership that could eventually lead to on-demand, self-driving cars."

Wired - The Lyft - GM Deal and Why You Probably Won't Buy a Self Driving Car. They are betting that in the future, you won't bother owning a car and will merely rent self driving cars as needed.

The reason I write about self driving cars and trucks is because it is coming sooner than people think and we had better prepare for how it is gong to change our lives. The single biggest change in history that occurred in the last century was man landing on the moon. President Kennedy said after being made President in 1960 that he planned on putting a man on the moon within ten years and he did it. At the time it was believed to be impossible even by the people who were to work on the project; but, it happened and we did it. To think that we cannot do the same with driverless cars in the same amount of time is foolish denial.

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