Sunday, February 14, 2016

80,000 Hits and Stuff

Sometime today this blog will hit 80,000 visits. Wow. No advertising, no outreach and yet, here I am. In the near future, it will probably go over 100,000 hits.

Now to the news. Justice Scalia has died. His closest friend on the Supreme Court was Ginsberg. Many consider him to have been a conservative and she to be a liberal, those perspectives are naive and wrong. Within moments of his death Republican politicians and pundits began questioning the right of the president to nominate his replacement. It is his job to nominate the replacement. To see Republicans say that congress should not do their job and approve a valid candidate is to spit on the Constitution.

I know who Obama should nominate to the Supreme Court, he should nominate Laurence Tribe. Mr. Tribe is considered the best constitutional law expert in the nation. He taught Cruz and was the legal advisor to Obama. There is nobody who could argue that he is unqualified or ignorant. Neither politicians nor the public understand what the Supreme Court's job is and they don't want to. That is why justices are not voted on. It is the only one of the three branches where the founding fathers thought political opinions should not be part of the conversation.

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