Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 2/16/2016.

Just a couple of obvious posts and some music, maybe a thought or two, we shall see.

Yahoo - AP - APNewsBreak: US OK's first factory in Cuba since revolution.  China and India are not the only countries we plan on giving our manufacturing to.

The Slatest - Sanders Is Delusional if He Thinks He Can Keep His Promise on Mass Incarceration.  Read the title, it sounds like Sanders wants to jail more people, nope, he wants to jail less people. He wants to jail violent criminals, not those who hurt themselves like hookers or junkies. The article proposes that it is impossible to jail fewer people in America. Consider that we jail a higher percentage of our population than other countries including China. Read the article and see why we "cannot" jail fewer of us. The article does ignore talking about a few things, one of them being the fact that the private prisons require that we jail a certain percentage of our population or our governments are charged as if we did anyways.

No music, I changed my mind.

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