Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is Wisconsin the State of Imbeciles?

New York Times - Gov. Walker Resumes His War on Workers.  So Wisconsin is eliminating all civil service protection for state workers. Good luck with that Wisconsin. Ignorance is bliss but it only lasts so long. No longer will people have to take tests to get a government job and they can be fired by the next Governor for no reason. Hey, I know history, I know how this worked in the past. Each time a new mayor or governor was elected they would fire all of the present employees and replace them with their supporters, that is why we created civil service.

The Republican party has been the anti-progressive party for the past 30 years. They have deregulated most industries and given them tax breaks for outsourcing and they are attacking Social Security, pensions and civil service. It was under Bush where competitive bids for contracts was reduced so that Halliburton could get billions in contracts. Halliburton supplies the military with it's supplies and moved it's headquarters to Dubai after getting the contracts from us. The reason all these things are connected is because they are all destined to eliminate protections that were put in place in the early 1900s. The same protections made for the rise of the middle class.

It is said that those who forget history are forced to repeat it's mistakes. I disagree partly, people choose to ignore history because they are insane and believe that by continually doing the same thing that failed in the past, eventually they will be successful. The insistence on doing two contrary things and expecting them to not conflict is insanity defined. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Paths diverge and eventually you have to choose one or just stay where you are. Wisconsin as a state has chosen to try to replicate what they did in the 1800s and failed. Good luck with that.

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