Monday, February 22, 2016

The Wealthy Hate Trump and Sanders Because They Care About Americans

The Seattle Times - Trump’s warning about Boeing jobs dismissed by experts.  Donald Trump had told the people in South Carolina that Boeing was building a major aircraft plant in China and that he believes they will begin moving more jobs there. The big newspaper in Seattle, the home of Boeing, says he doesn't understand their industry and that it is too technical. Wait, Steve Jobs said Americans are too stupid to manufacture his phones; but, this article claims they are technical enough to build planes. Trump is probably right.

Huffington Post - Wall Street's Message to Young Adults: 'You Are Clueless'.  Wall Street thinks young people should not vote for Bernie Sanders and thinks they are dumb for wanting to. What particularly bothers them is that Sanders and the younger voters are forcing Hillary Clinton to talk more about income inequality. The Wall Street Journal article even admits that the United States is expected to lose 75 million jobs in the next twenty years. Here is the question, what should young people do to protect themselves from the day when robots are doing most of the work? They know that their future is being destroyed by technology and globalism, they were the first to point it out.

Here is the choice. After the jobs are gone, this country will either look like a South American Right Wing totalitarian country or a Scandinavian Social Democracy. What it will not be is the country that we knew because manufacturing will be gone and not everyone can be an engineer or scientist. The reason you are seeing the changers that we are is because the wealthy are preparing for the day when they don't need workers or in fact the majority of our citizens.

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