Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump Wins Nevada By a Lot

My last post was prior to the election results, now it is confirmed. Trump won by a landslide. I shall repeat that I am a Bernie Sanders supporter; but, if not him then Trump. I appreciate a good nationalist and they are the only nationalists in the race, the rest represent and work for globalist money. The general media response is to ignore Sanders and insult Trump and his supporters. The Trump candidacy highlights the lies better and that is fun.

Lets start with this, by the Republican party insulting Trumps supporters they are calling for their own death. Trump just won Nevada with about 44% of the votes and the media insists upon saying bad things about his supporters. The Republican party establishment is insulting almost half of their voters, how can they survive? Do you really believe that a party which ridicules it's own supporters can survive? The conservative media openly discusses what needs to be done to beat Trump. Think about that. They openly publish articles about how Republicans who support Trump are idiots and how they plan on making sure that the votes don't matter. They have publicly said that if Trump wins every primary but fails to get over 51% they will have a convention where they give it to someone else who has less votes.

Here is more lunacy. Fox news has openly criticized Trump for saying he will deport all the illegal aliens; but, now Rubio and Cruz are saying the exact same thing and Fox is not telling them how they cannot. I have not seen one positive news report about Trump, not one and my readers know I follow the news.

My sister lives in Nevada and actually voted at one of their primaries. I congratulate her for that, for her choosing to spend the hours it took her to vote. Every election that Trump is in has a higher turnout than it has in the past. Sanders, for his part, has brought in more young voters than in the past. People actually are interested in the outcome of this election. Now let me present a real game changer for the establishment.

Imagine this, Sanders or Trump wins their parties nomination and picks the other as Vice President. It won't happen; but, lets just play with this. Imagine Trump winning the Republican nomination and picking Sanders as his running mate, he would get all of Sanders supporters and if Sanders won the Democratic nomination and picked Trump as his Vice President he would get all of Trumps supporters. Can you imagine how much that would upset the few who control the two parties?

I have looked at the most current polls for super Tuesday and Trump looks to win almost all the states if not all of them. Lets assume that Trump wins all the states except Texas where he comes in a strong second to Cruz, who is from that state. Then what? Super Tuesday is the most delegates awarded in one day. If Trump wins super Tuesday, what does the establishment do? Stealing the election from him at the convention would be suicide so they would have to find another way to eliminate him. Ridiculing him and his supporters has not worked. The thing my Republican friends fear is that the establishment will kill him. That is scary and not unheard of. What happens if Trump is killed?

If Trump were killed do you believe his supporters would suddenly choose Rubio, I don't think so. Do you think they would turn to Cruz, I don't think so. You know who they would vote for, Ben Carson. Every conservative I know likes Carson, they prefer Trump but they like Carson. I have a video for you to watch, it is by a group called Til Tuesday and is entitled Voices Carry. It explains perfectly how the conservative media views Trump's supporters. At then end of the song she complains that her boyfriend is telling he to be quiet because others might hear her. Her final statement is "He won't let me talk". That pretty much sums up this election. The media is trying to stop us from talking about Trump, Sanders, Jobs, Income Theft by the rich or tax breaks being only for the wealthy who are looting this country and sending jobs overseas. Enjoy the song.

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