Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Class Warfare and the Election

Here is a question for you. Recently, Donald Trump was asked if he would want white supremacists to vote for him. I want you to think about that for a moment. Have you considered the question they asked him? Who don't you want to vote for you is the question. Imagine asking Cruz or Rubio the exact same question. They would not turn down anyone's vote. Carson would and I am not sure about Kasich; but, he might. Now lets flip it. Ask Clinton if she would tell Social Democrats to not vote for her. Same question to all of them. I believe in my heart that Sanders and Carson would tell certain groups not to vote for them. I think they are both very good people morally and I don't think either will win.

I have previously written that I have no party affiliation and I don't, I have voted for people in both parties. I have openly stated that I am currently registered as a Democrat and will vote for Sanders. That is a pretty clear indication of what I think. If it is Clinton against Trump, I will vote Trump. Think about it, I supported both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement. I believe in destroying the party system and voting for people who instead support the people of this nation. I don't hide what I think, I post it.

Here is a joke for you about me. When I was about 20, one of my professors asked me if I wanted a job as a statician for a major city, he was the head statician for that city. As much as I hated algebra back in the day, I loved numbers with meaning. I aced every statistics class and took them all. Each politician has a survey firm working for them and they take surveys EVERY day and of every state, that is just reality. They take so many surveys that they know their chances by district. Not all their money goes into advertising, you have to know where to advertise first. I have been in the political game since birth, practically.

Here now is the fun part. Whatever result we see today has already been polled and each of the candidates is already pre-determined their response. Rubio has an explanation for how he can still win even though he has lost Florida and Cruz will say how his miniscule win in Texas proves he is the only person who has beaten Trump. LOL. If the brokered convention is successful, Romney will be brought in under the guise that he was the last Republican to get a plurality. He may get the selection without having won one state; but, will lose to Clinton. That is the game plan that the establishment is following.

According to statistics, 90% of all Americans are middle class or working class. The vast majority of working and middle class people support either Trump or Sanders.

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