Friday, March 4, 2016

3/3/16 News and the Debate.

Fox - Critics of California water-tunnel project claim it's gov't waste to save tiny smelt.  The state of California wants to build a $15 Billion underground water pipe to hold water diverted from the San Joaquin- Sacramento delta. Critics claim that this is being done to protect a small fish called the delta smelt. That is not the reason this is being done and by the way even environmentalists are against this project. Go back and read the things I have written about water rights in the future and ho it is being turned into a commodity like gas. Not long ago I posted about how CIM Group is building a 165 billion gallon underground water storage facility in the Antelope Valley. Once contained water is going to get very expensive and be traded like any other commodity. In other words, the market will be rigged to benefit a very few. Here is a simple question, while water rationing is going on in California and people can only water their lawns one day a week in some places, Nestle is allowed to take more water than just about anyone else from this state, bottle it and sell it in any other state at the exact same time.

Daily Mail - The end of the courier? Self-driving 'ground drones' are heading to London to make deliveries across the capital.  In London they are using "drones" (it doesn't fly, it walks at 4 miles per hour) to make deliveries) to deliver packages. The "drone" will take a picture of anybody who touches it as a form of self protection. What jobs might this kill, maybe postal deliverers. Think about it.

Daily Mail - ‘I like Ted Cruz and I want to be his trans ambassador’: Republican Caitlyn Jenner says she would want to work for evangelical Christian despite his anti-LGBT views.  To begin with, I have not written just about anything about Chris-Caitlyn Jenner. I view her as a meaningless distraction from the real issues of the day and frankly I just don't care much about her or her story. I have made it very clear that I also do not care about gay marriage, it is none of my business who sleeps with who and marriage is not determined by the government. I have been writing this blog for 6 years and my opinions on these matters have been consistent and are online. Having said that, I also know that people who have sex changes are rarely happier afterwards and have a better than 50% chance of committing suicide. Transgenders are very rarely truly gay. Jenner believes himself to be a woman now and would consider being with a man but is unsure, that came out in the last two weeks.  Jenner is also saying that he likes Ted Cruz who is absolutely against trans people and gay people. The reason for the incredibly high rate of suicide by transgenders is because no matter how much you change your body, you are still you. If you didn't accept yourself before the operation, you still wont like yourself. That is just a psychological reality. I am worried that Jenner's deeper issues may cause him to harm himself someday. His appreciation of Ted Cruz is a sign that he is conflicted over himself.

Aside from all the above, Jenner said something that is just wrong. He said,  "Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did. Free enterprise". Actually, the first settlers to America lived in communes. The pilgrim's lived a communal life, sharing together, hunting together and working together as a community. Jenner is not alone in thinking this and it is stupid. The first to come here were religious maniacs who didn't understand the bible because they were in a cult and they were communists. As for the founding fathers, they were all racists who believed in slavery. Why doesn't any politician say that this nation was built on slavery and if it was good enough for the founding fathers it should be good enough for us? They don't say it because, even though it is true, does not fit in with the garbage they are trying to sell us on today. It does not matter what this country was founded on, what matters is where we want to take it. That is why the founding fathers created the federal government and gave us the built in right to change what was done in the past. By the way, the first Christians also lived as communists and accepted slavery. If anyone reads this and doubts my words, leave a comment and I will provide enough evidence for you to choke on. People need to learn their bible and history.

vocative - Inside Scalia's very, very weird Secret Hunting Society.  Scalia was a member of "The International Order of St. Hubertus". Although the order was created in the 1600s, the Nazi's outlawed it and it was brought back in 1950, or almost immediately after the war. It was started by generals and ambassadors and that was done at the Bohemian Grove.

YouTube - Fox Segment Berates Min Wage Worker Who Can't Afford Food,  I don't really like this guy; but, this is worth watching.

Huffington Post - Growing Number Of GOP Politicians Refuse To Back Donald Trump In The General Election.  Can you believe that the "establishment" of the Republican party has said that they would vote for Hillary Clinton before they would vote for Trump. The same people that asked Trump to promise to support whoever the parties eventual candidate and now saying that they would not do the same. If you hate Trump you probably stopped thinking about what is really going on; but, there is much more to this story. The Republican party had a coup a while back, it was taken over by wealthy financial interests and stopped caring about the Republican voters, the middle class or the working class. The party left them, it just took them 20 years to figure it out and now they have and they are angry.

What does this mean for the Republican party? Well, it is actually simple. Either the Republican party will start to protect it's base (middle and working class Americans) or it will die. The voters have looked behind the curtain and found the real puppet masters, the establishment of people who only care about themselves and support sending jobs overseas. The enemy of the American workers is the Republican (and Democratic) Establishment, because the "establishment" just means the wealthy who control these organizations by funding them.

New York Post -  The New York Times abandoned its ethics to take down Trump. Donald Trump met with some people at the New York Times and at some point in time he spoke "off the record",  pretty common. Talking off the record is like being a confidential source and as you know the media claims special privilege to not revealing their sources; but, they gave up Trump. The New York Times leaked information about what Trump said off the record. Who do you think will talk to them "off the record" again? They have committed suicide to protect the establishment control over us. No public official will ever trust them again. Stupid.

Finally, comments on the debate last night. Totally meaningless, Trump will go up in the polls as a result of it.

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