Monday, March 7, 2016

What's Going On - Part 2 - The Domestic Weakening of America and Western Europe

The Purpose Behind The Death of The Middle Class

If you haven't read part 1, then you need to do so now or you will not understand what is leading to all of this. Lets start with the fact that populations in the west have not been going up and have in fact been going down for years. In fact while since the late 1960s we were told that America and the west would be so overpopulated that we would live in abject poverty and there would not be enough resources by 1999, this has not happened. Think about it, everytime we were told we were running out of oil, suddenly and miraculously it would be found and everything was fine. We were told that we were running out of oil in the late 70s and that became the oil "crisis". A short comment, whenever you read or hear the word crisis, reform and emergency, you are probably being lied to. We were also told that we needed to become oil self sufficient so that we didn't need to import oil. We now produce more oil in America (from fracking) and as soon as that happened, we began changing the laws and exporting American produced oil to foreign countries. All the money the government paid and gave away in taxes breaks for American oil to drill for more oil in America ended up benefitting other countries because we are now exporting our oil to them.

Europe and the Refugee "Crisis"

Currently we are being told that Europe is in crisis because refugees are entering it from the middle east. What the story leaves out is that Europe has been importing people from these countries as low paid workers for at least 30 years because their indigenous populations were declining and they needed workers; but, this is not true as the number of jobs in Europe has not been increasing because just like the United States they have been de-industrializing too. Currently the largest mosque in the world in in England, not Arabia or even Asia (you should know that more Asians are Muslim than Arabs).

In America we are being told that we cannot "realistically" deport millions of illegal immigrants because suddenly the Republican party which has claimed that the Mexicans are to blame for decades has decided they love them. This is the equivalent of what is going on in Europe. In both instances the influx of foreigners is meant to weaken the strength of the European Union and Americas middle class, the influence of the workers on the outcome of the elections. How can it be that we are being told that "Climate Change" means that we all have to live with less while at the same time we are allowing uncontrolled immigration? That is truly talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Outsourcing and Tax "Reform"

Ever since Reagan the United States has sought to deregulate industry and provide tax breaks to the wealthy in the belief that these things would benefit the poor and middle class. Let me ask a simple question, is the United States better off since these things were done? Clearly the answer is no. Deregulation has led to multiple financial crisis's, outright theft of pension funds by Wall Street, the manipulation of every market and the solution was bailouts for Wall Street without anyone going to jail for the theft of trillions of dollars from taxpayers. As for tax "reform", it has directly supported the shipping out of American jobs to China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam and Mexico. Neither deregulation or tax breaks for business has led to increasing manufacturing jobs in America. During this same time the media has been allowed to consolidate to where only six companies control 90% of all media and therefore the message and news that you are told.

The Destruction of Unions and Civil Service

The destruction of collective bargaining and jobs security is directly tied the belief by the wealthy and powerful that the middle class needs to be eliminated, or at least greatly reduced, because they have the numbers that can democratically hinder the wishes of the wealthy. The universal hatred by the media and the "establishment" for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is because these candidates are seen as possibly creating a united front against outsourcing and the tax breaks for the wealthy. It is also a major reason behind the movement to make the states more powerful and take away power from the those who believe themselves to be entitled to be our masters. It is called divide and conquer.

The attacks on Social Security, universal healthcare, unemployment insurance, public pensions and the minimum wage are all geared at weakening the influence of the majority of citizens. If you look at any one of these issues along it does not seem to be important; but, when you see them all being done at one time, there is a connection and if you follow the money behind these things, you find they are all connected.

Climate Change and "Sustainability"

Climate change is a constant and is not caused by man. It has been going on since the earth began. The truth is one volcanic eruption can do more to effect the climate than all the emissions that man is responsible throughout all of history. In fact, when Krakatoa blew up it changed the weather for a couple of years by degrees. We are now being told that everyone needs to live in central cities in apartments as small as 150 square feet to prevent climate change. NO, it is meant to limit resources shared with the majority. We are producing more food than ever before at a relatively cheaper price then ever before. The solutions that were claimed were needed to deal with overpopulation are now claimed to be needed to prevent climate change, the exact same solutions. Follow the link in Part 1 to the Rockefeller Commission report and you can see what they were proposing and it is mostly achieved.

The Search for Immortality in a "Overpopulated" World

Right now billions of dollars are being spent to allow people to live forever; but, why are all these monies and resources being spent on making people live longer if we are concerned about overpopulation. If these technologies are perfected clearly we will not all be allowed to access them which is why healthcare is being destroyed. In Europe the socialized medicine is being destroyed and in America they are attempting to limit our access by pricing out people and limiting what is available. If a pill could allow you to live to be 500 years old, it would only be made available to a very few and it would not be available to the middle class and certainly not the poor.

Increased Surveillance and Stricter Police and Military Powers

As all of these things mentioned are going on, people are beginning to become aware of the fact that the world is stacked against them and exists only for the benefit of a few at the top. In order to keep the people in line, the strength of the military and police has been increased. The militarization of the police was once considered insanity; but, in todays world it is seen as necessary and by tracking us via technology, it is made cheaper and more invasive. This is going on throughout western civilization.

Non-Representative Government

The people of Europe and America cannot understand why their politicians say one thing and do another when the problems are so clear. It is because they do not report to the voters, they report to the donors who pay their bribes and give them rewards for pushing more money upwards and less to the middle class. The political class is not the cause of these things, they are the tool of the rich and powerful to implement these policies.

Increased National Debt and Weakening Government

A lot of Republican voters were confounded by the latest federal budget. The Republicans control both congress and the state Governors; but, still voted for the largest deficit spending in history. If our debt is so out of control then why are we increasing the deficit. It is simple, increased deficits and tax decreases for the wealthy means that the middle class is left with all the debt; but, the money goes to projects that benefit the wealthy businesses and on top of that we pay interest on the debt to the financial institutions. Weakening the federal government and attempts to eliminate the Income tax are meant to permanently place this debt on the middle class and not on the wealthy who benefit from it.

Treaties that Destroy National Sovereignty and International Political Consolidation

Free Trade "Agreements" are not about free trade, they are about the consolidation of the laws. Many people are afraid of a "One World Government"; but, the same effect is achieved by making the laws the same. Current "Free Trade Agreements" do just that. In fact they are even worse than that, the Trans Pacific Partnership would allow foreign companies to sue America over laws that prohibit them from selling products made by slave labor or with a complete disregard for environmental laws. If you don't know about the TPP, you need to read up on it. How is it that the United Nations is so concerned with climate change; but, the nations still support trade agreements allow for the unrestricted pollution by China and the other countries that we outsource to?


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