Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What's Going On - Part 3

Endless War and the Military Industrial Complex

Money for a few, death and destruction for the soldiers who are then ignored. All while weakening those with natural resources so we can get them cheap. The only manufacturing we consistently make a profit at is weapons. That is why we are constantly at war. The profits from war do not go to the citizens or warriors, they go to the defense industry, If it is our only manufacturing industry and pays well, why wouldn't we go to war. Not recommending it, just explaining it.

We are the defenders of the world. The United Nations doesn't need a large armed forces, they use the United States and your taxes and children pay for it.

Scapegoats for Our Destruction, Gay Marriage, the Attack on the Millennial's and Blaming the Victim

Right now, the most emotional issues are gay marriage, gun control and abortion. These are issues that people can easily understand and invoke irrational emotional responses. The people tend to be polarized in all or nothing positions and it is completely meaningless. Nothing we do will stop gays from having sex, there is no way to take all the guns already out there and there is no way that abortion will be made illegal again. These things will not happen. They are discussed more that the trade agreements because they are a distraction. You are being manipulated and while that goes on, jobs continue to be outsourced and social security is being destroyed.

Coordination by a Few Through Organizations that Do Not Act in Public

The Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove and others. All these organizations have something in common, they wield immense power and yet their plans are only discussed in private meetings which are not reported on and you are not allowed to see. In fact for decades the average citizen didn't even know these organizations existed. When the wealthiest and most powerful people in this world have meetings in secret with the most powerful politicians in the world you had better believe it is not just to enjoy each others company. Even the United Nations meets in public. You are not told what goes on in these meetings because they are planning meetings where everyone is getting on the same page and decide what fairy tale they are going to tell us as they implement their agenda.

The Coming Water "Crisis"

If water is so important that it must be rationed, then why are bottled water companies not subject to restrictions in California and why is it allowed to be polluted in massive amounts by the fracking industry? You control people with access to food and water. Right now Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are doing more to provide the third world with clean water and the ability to be self sufficient farmers than the United Nations or any country you can think of. This is counter to what the owners want, they want complete control over the water supply and it is happening in front of you; but, you don't know it. It is the reason that across this nation underground multi-billion dollar water storage facilities are being made and it is why the federal government has legislative power over all flowing water. Water will be treated like oil in the future and I have many posts on the details on this blog that I have written over the past 6 or 7 years.

The Destruction of Education

The United States spends more on students than other countries for elementary through K12; but, we do a worse job. This is not an accident and it is not the fault of the teachers, it is a plan and the teachers have been fighting it. We could improve education tomorrow without very little difficulty, all we need to do is return to teaching elementary school the way we did 40 years ago, teach the basics and teach math and English in ways that prepare people to learn more in the higher grades. Kids today cannot do basic math or basic English, that can be fixed and we are not going to because they do not want an educated middle class anymore because they do not need an educated middle class anymore.

The Destruction of Churches and the Vilification of Religion From Within

In simplest terms, every organization that is controlled by the middle class is being attacked by the media and the establishment because they do not want any organization that they do not control 100% to be able to fight their plans and they don't need a strong middle class anymore. Once you understand that, all the rest begins to fall into place. When you see conservative politicians attacking the Pope there is a reason. Even Trump did not attack the Pope when the Poe was tricked into saying things that seemed to be anti-Trump. The other politicians attacked the Pope for saying we should take care of one another.

The Destruction of Community Through the Centralization of People

Community is the idea that we need to take care of one another, that we are all in this together. In farming America this was easy to achieve and highly desirable to all. We could not have expanded food production if farms failed, so farmers banded together. They had their own union and it was very effective at the beginning of this century; but, it was killed and the farms were destroyed in the 80s by the Savings and Loan failures which resulted in the family farms defaulting on their loans and having to sell their farms in tax sales to giant conglomerates. In the big cities the sense of community came from the neighborhoods; but, those were all destroyed by laws meant to stop minorities from not being allowed to buy in "white" neighborhoods. While those laws may have been good they also have meant the slow death of homogeny in communities. When people lived in Italian or Irish or Jewish neighborhoods, they had more influence on laws effecting their community.

The Attack on the Judiciary.

The destruction of the Constitution occurs when there is no judiciary to enforce it and legislators and Governors can circumvent it without changing it by public vote. The Supreme Court was created by the founding fathers to stop politicians from changing the rules and people who claim to believe in the Constitution now want to politicize the Supreme Court by only approving judges who agree with their political perspective.

"Too Big To Fail" Means Big Enough to Fight the Agenda

Many conservative complain about the Wall Street bailouts and they should; but, those were done to steal from the middle class and act as a long term threat to the few remaining American industries. The interests of manufacturing and financial interests are not the same. The establishment has created a situation where industry can only be same if they outsource oversees. The auto industry was bailed out by the taxpayers and then increased outsourcing. Manufacturing industries in the United States can no longer stand up to the financial industry, they were tricked into being part of the financial industry which is why when the auto industry went bankrupt it turned out that General Motors and the others were making more money from financing loans than from making cars.

A Partial Summary

If you haven't read parts 1 and 2, please go back and read them in order. The agenda that is being played out was published in 1972 and a link to it is on the third paragraph of Part 1. The report was issued by the federal government and commissioned by the President. Everything that is going on now is directly related to the outcomes that the report called for; but, the process for achieving those goals was not published. It was decided by organizations within this country. The Rockefeller family is partially responsible. Obviously the Rockefeller Commission wrote the initial planning document; but, they are not alone in the plan. Clearly the Rockefeller family created and funded the Council on Foreign Relations and other groups that made the plans for the implementation of the agenda; but, again, they were not alone.

The difference between a conspiracy theorist and me is pretty simple, I identify the plan that the establishment published and you didn't know about. There are some ultra right wing nut jobs that  believe the "Zionists" (Jews) are responsible for everything that is going on and there are other idiots that believe the Catholic church is responsible for everything that is going on. Some believe that Satanists in Secret Societies are responsible for it all and David Icke believes that Reptilian aliens are responsible for it all. Nope, it is people that are doing all of this. Satan may be behind the plan; but, it is most definitely people that are implementing it and they are doing it for self interest. The self interest of the most wealthy is to keep as much wealth as they can and when they don't need workers it determines their actions. The analysis is really quite simple in the end and consistent with history.

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