Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I hope all my regulars witll read this post.

Fox - U.S. Issues More Curbs to Corporate Tax Inversion Deals.  In the most direct terms, American companies make deals with foreign companies to take the American companies assets and then they move their operations overseas thereby avoiding paying taxes. It is basically the asset robbing of America and very recently the Treasury Department enacted some laws to delay or prevent this action. The term Tax Inversion is used to describe this hiding of taxable income overseas, that is what the term refers to. So, a coupe of days ago the United States took action to prevent this crime. That is part one of this story. This came out April 4th.

The Hill - GOP tax writers rip Treasury for moves to deter corporate inversions. This article came out April 5th. Yeah, one day later the spin is on. The spin is that it is bad for our nation to keep our manufacturing jobs in the United States. If you hate Obama; but, want to keep jobs in America, you had better support this change which stops companies from outsourcing and leaving this nation with nothing. I don't like Obama; but, I like this policy and it has already worked.

CNBC - Pfizer, Allergan will mutually terminate merger over inversion rule changes, sources say.  Here is a sentence from the article, "Pfizer had reportedly stood to cut its costs by more than $1 billion a year by changing its domicile." Why did the Bushes and the Clintons sign legislation that let American companies move overseas and save money by doing it?

I have been writing this blog for years and have never advertised it or monetized it, no ads on this site ever and there never will be because of me. I have never asked for a penny and don't want any now. What I want my readers to do, if they think I present people with useful information, is tell others to read it and let them see what is really going on. Have them start with the posts titled "What's going on" and tagged as "the big picture". What is going on is so obvious to me and I am saddened that more people don't see it all for what it is.

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