Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Media Talks More About Trump Than The President.

I was watching some news videos and some late night talk show clips of the week. I am retired, I have too much free time. Anyways, I noticed something, they were all about Donald Trump. None of them were positive; but, they were all against him. There was hardly anything about Obama visiting Saudi Arabia or Britain and those two trips had a lot that should be talked about.

Here is what we know, we know that just about all of the mass media is owned by six companies. So, it only takes six people (the leaders of those 6 companies) to make it so that every story about Trump is negative, or that stories about you or me are always negative. Wait, that also means that six people can make every media story about anyone be positive. Hmmmm.

I want you to think about the implication of what I just said, that 6 people control all the mass media and can determine how anyone is portrayed. If you were one of the 6, what would your concerns be and would you make sure that your employees promoted those wants? This is not about Trump, this is about the 6 people who decide how the world is explained to you.

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