Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Michelle Fields and a Short Memory

Charles Johnson - Watch Michelle Fields Brag About Her First Media Manipulating Moment.  Watch the video, you can decide if she was telling the truth in 2011 when this report was taken. If you do believe her than you can see that she was actually on the ground, claiming the police did it and goes away crying. Just hold on to that one thought.

YouTube - Megyn Kelly Michelle Fields FULL Interview Corey Lewandowski Assault Allegations - 3/11/16

YouTube - Michelle Fields Refuses to Answer Bilderberg Questions - Runs Away When Covering Event. This video is from 2012 and was taken while she was fresh out of college, according to her, and covering the Bilderberg group for Fox News. The person who approaches her is a real jerk and quite rude.

YouTube - Assault? New Video Shows What Happened Between Michelle Fields and Trump Campaign Manager.  This is the video of what happened at the Trump event as she was getting in the way of Trump and his people who were leaving.

Ms. Fields claims that Trump's head election guy attacked her, almost threw her to the ground and that it was the worst thing that ever happened to her in her life, she also filed assault charges against him. Yet what happened to her at the Occupy Wall Street event was years earlier and the Bilderberg event had also been prior.

I don't consider this a particularly important event. The video speaks for itself, she was moved to the side as a Presidential candidate was being escorted out of a building by the Secret Service and his campaign manager. It was far from her first time in crowded situation and she didn't even know who touched her, she thought it was the Secret Service. Her claim that she was practically thrown to the ground is not evidenced in either video. The only video that shows her on the ground is from years earlier at an Occupy Wall Street event and Trump and his campaign manager were not there. Go online and see how much conversation has been dedicated to this, it is used to say that Trump doesn't like women though he never even sees her in the video and certainly never does anything nor is it claimed that he did. It was also discussed as further violence at Trump events. When everything is spun and twisted to meet a narrative, it is called propaganda.

I waited to write this post as I have done in the past when things were too emotional in the news. I waited to write because I want people to look again and ask themselves whether or not the media attempted to tell them the truth or the story that they want you to believe. What I hope my readers learn from my blog is how to see the lies, the manipulation and then look beyond it to see the result they are seeking, it is usually the one that is achieved.

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