Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rock, Race, the 60s and What Scares The People In Charge

The 1940s were the war years when millions of Americans were drafted into the army to protect the world. After the war the United States and Britain (too a much lesser extent) were the only world powers that still had an industrial base and the infrastructure to support it. Because we were able to build products for the rest of the world while they rebuilt, we became the single greatest economic force in history. It also meant that our people became the greatest middle class in history as our workers were desperately needed. If you want to understand what is going on now, you have to understand history a bit.

During the 1950s America became it's most prosperous with plentiful jobs, an educated workforce (because of the G.I. Bill paying for college) and that resulted in the most prosperous middle class in history. During the 1950s workers were required to be as regimented as soldiers. If you are interested in this subject read, "The Organization Man". Basically the successful businessman was expected to dedicate his life to his company and do whatever was best for the company and they did it by the tens of millions. It was a different time that may be difficult for my younger readers to understand. The 1950s was decade of conformity. Their children changed that.

The 1960s were a lot like the 1950s, music was still censored, books were still censored, the media was heavily regulated and fitting in with the establishment was like a religion. After Kennedy was killed in Dallas, things started changing. 1964 was a seminal year, the Beatles arrived in America and America began asking itself about whether it was right or wrong to treat blacks as second class citizens. The Beatles and the English invasion was confusing to the wealthy. After all, they were just a band of musicians; but, they were able to change American opinions on style, lifestyle and just about everything else. They filled arenas that no bands could even imagine playing in before. As for blacks, the American white population saw them as a warning sign to them of what happens when you don't work hard and smart. I know that the black people in that time worked as hard if not harder than the whites and were just as smart; but, they were denied educational opportunities. It doesn't matter what I think, what is important is how whites in America viewed blacks in 1964.

In the 1960s middle class kids began seeing that they could influence the world by following musicians, the Beatles mostly; but, others too. Bob Dylan began singing about what was wrong with the world and music became political. The Smothers Brothers did the same with comedy and promptly got thrown off the air even though their ratings were out of this world. Between 1964 and 1967 the middle class changed the rules and did what the people who own this country did not want them to do, they exerted their combined power to change the game. That scared the "establishment" to death because it meant they would lose power. There is nothing that makes the powerful scared and angry than threatening their power with decision making by the masses.

American faith in the establishment died with Kennedy being killed, 66% of Americans did not believe the official story. It got worse with Nixon being impeached. Between 1964 and 1967 the middle class changed the rules of the game and even began taking care of the poor. They also began refusing to serve in the draft as slaves. The draft meant that the government would demand that you either kill people in the military or go to jail. Many chose to leave the country and many chose to go to jail. This peaceful approach to civil disobedience totally shook the establishment. To them it meant that they were losing control. Their response was to infiltrate the groups that were against the status quo.

1968 led to full on panic by the establishment. While Robert Kennedy, who was running on a promise to end the war in Vietnam, was killed and Martin Luther King, who called for treating blacks as equal citizens, was killed, the public went ballistic. People were now angry with the establishment more than they had ever been before. Music, movies and books all took on the establishment and revolted at the ballot box. The Democratic 1968 convention was pure bedlam and the voters were ignored which led to Hubert Humphrey being placed on the ballot even though he had practically no delegates. Even though another candidate had more delegates and also ran on the promise to end the war in Vietnam, Humphrey was . His opponent was Nixon.

1968, was the final threat to the establishment. Millions of kids were protesting the war, treatment of blacks and the establishment itself. People began questioning having to live in jobs that treated them as military, unthinking and unquestioning slaves. Many called for not participating in the establishment, we called them hippies. 1968 showed just how powerful this emerging middle class was going to be and they didn't like it. The killing of Robert Kennedy only made people more suspicious of the establishment, both him and his brother and Mr. King being killed to stop a change in the established order and provide the people with power, that was scary.

Like General Patton, I believe in reading your opponents plan. The reason I give links to original documents that were prepared for the establishment, is because I want you to understand you opponent also. While we may not be a monarchy, we have an established oligarchy and they don't want to lose power. When kings were removed there was always violence; but, even when it was limited it still meant people had to lose power and control over the outcomes. 1968 was also the year of Woodstock, a million young people ignoring authority and coming together to protest the war. It was a group so large that it could make it's own rules regarding sex and pot; but, if they could ignore those rules, which rules would they follow, nobody knew ant the establishment only saw a threat. 1969 was the beginning of the establishment coming up with a response in an attempt to gain control again.

Think tanks were hired to decide how to keep the population compliant, a nation of happy followers who believe whatever they are told. It is also when the plan to keep the middle class weak was hatched. The great unwashed masses were to be put back in their place. That was when the plan to decimate the middle class in the west was decided. If you wish to steal from a powerful man, you must first tie him up and that is what has been happening since the early 1970s.

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