Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Donald Trump Wins the Republican Party Nomination

This has been the most fascinating election in my lifetime. I am clearly a news junkie and follow this stuff intensely. While I personally am a social Democrat, I cannot help but look at the media manipulation and spin that they put out to lead us to vote as they would want. Lets start with how this race began, it began with the media saying that nobody would vote for Trump and that he was a joke candidate. The Huffington Post actually put reporting on Trump in the Entertainment section.

In Indiana 92% of the people said the issue was jobs and the economy. Trump has won more votes than any other Republican in the history of the primaries. Trumps number one issue is American jobs and how illegal immigration and outsourcing to China effects those jobs. Here is what you need to understand, the people do not wish to be told how to vote by the media. They do not trust the media. This is a fact and their shrill attacks on Trump and even more importantly against people who voted for him has made the media even less trusted.

The Trump and Sanders candidacies are a slap in the face of the "business as usual" establishment. Neither Trump nor Sanders wants to see American jobs continue being sent overseas. Why didn't anyone else address this issue. Most of the Republicans said the way to create jobs was to give tax breaks to the wealthy; but, ignored that those jobs would be in China and not here. When Carrier decided to move their business it helped Trump win and that was the news story. That was the story because the media knows that the real issue is American jobs and the economy. The problem is that the media supports outsourcing because their owners support it. The 6 companies that own 90% of all the media are globalist companies.

When this election is over, there will be a lot that the media and the establishment will have to pay for. The media spin will no longer work and they will be trying to figure out what their future approach will be.

The media has constantly said that Cruz, Kasich and everyone other than Trump has a better chance of beating Hilly. Who could possibly believe such nonsense. Kasich got less than 10% of the vote in Indiana. Trump has locked up the nomination faster than any recent Republican candidates, has brought in millions of Democrats and Independents and has a greater turnout than anyone else. Trump has secured the nomination quicker than Clinton who lost tonight in Indiana. Combined Sanders and Clinton got just about the same amount of votes as Trump by himself. Trump had more votes in Indiana than ANYONE else. We had been told that Trump is hated by 2/3rds of the Republican likely voters; but, he has won more than half the delegates to date. Those numbers don't jive with what we are being told.

Trump has had over 10,000,000 votes cast for him. He has had more people vote for him than have voted for Clinton. People who voted for Cruz would NEVER vote for Clinton. People who voted for Sanders will vote for Trump. 92% of the voters identified jobs and the economy as the most important issue. The Republican party has seen the most votes in their history and those votes have been for Trump. These are just facts, personal feelings only deny us the ability to objectively view the facts. Hey, I would have preferred Sanders; but, I don't think he has a chance because of the Super Delegates and that annoys a lot of Democrats, like me. I am registered as a Democrat. In the primary, I will vote for Sanders because I cannot vote for Trump. It is not allowed in my state. If Sanders dropped out, I would not vote at all. I would not and have never voted for a Clinton. I have consistently said that I dislike the Clintons and Bushes. I do not trust them.

I have traditionally voted Republican, with a few Democrats in between. I voted as soon as I turned 18, knew the candidates and knew the issues. I stopped voting with Clinton and Bush. I mean I stopped voting. I stopped voting for Republicans because of the Bushes and Schwarzenegger and for Democrats because of the Clintons. I haven't seen anyone worth voting for in years. I didn't even see a viable protest vote to make, so I stopped. I lost hope that people would wake up and actually vote for someone who cared about this nation and the middle and working classes. Sanders and Trump, I believe, actually care about the people of this country and not just the wealthy.

I don't care if someone is Liberal or Conservative, as they used to say in the 60s, "Some of my best friends are conservatives (they used to say black)". Truth is, most of my friends are conservatives, not all, most. Hardworking, working and middle class, backbone of this country, self-reliant people. Everyone of them is voting for Trump. Everyone of my friends gives to charity, everyone of my friends would give someone in need the shirt off their back. I personally have taken in the homeless to live with me. My conservative friends know about that, they knew it when I was doing it. Most of my friends are Christians who I did not meet in church, I don't have any close friends from churches that I attended. While the people who I preached to may have liked me a lot, they were poor gay Hispanics most of which did not speak English. We didn't have a lot in common and I don't speak Spanish so we didn't talk about politics.

I should point something out. The church I preached at was not just gay and Hispanic, most of them were illegal aliens at some point. Yep, they were Christians who came here to avoid being killed in their own countries because they were gay. Most were given asylum for that reason. I am going to make a guess about something. Trump has said that he is against illegal immigration; but, he has also said that we should take in more Christian immigrants from Arab nations because there are threats against their lives. I bet he would allow in more gay Christian Hispanics if they lived in countries where their lives were at risk too. I would love to ask him that question because I would. I would take in any Christian whose life was threatened and any gay. I am as straight and square as a Saltine cracker; but, what I have in common with my conservative friends is that I am Christian and love others. Those are the Trump supporters I know.

Look, my friends and my world is as diverse as is possible. I have friends that are multi-millionaires and friends that don't have a dime to their name and need my help sometimes. I have as many young friends as old friends. I have friends of every color, creed, sex and sexual preference. I have friends from private industry and government and interest group. All my friends know my position on issues. I have the best friends in the world and they know my heart and I know theirs. I do not have friends that do not care about others or this country. That is the only thing we all have in common. We disagree on so many things, the people I go out to dinner with the most often, they are as old school conservative, working class, Republican as they come. They are also some of the most loving people I have ever had the pleasure to be around.

I would have to say that my heart is for Sanders and the pragmatist in me is for Trump. I think Trump is more like my friends than any of the others. I believe I could sit down with Trump, ask him hard private questions and I think I know how he would answer. Trump said something really important to me, he said that if he were president no American would die on the street because he couldn't get healthcare. He said that to the Republican party. A party that voted in congress 100% against Obamacare (the Affordable Healthcare Act, it's real name).

Trump is not a conservative and he is not a liberal, he is a pragmatist, nationalist and capitalist, just not crony capitalism. Trump has a middle class attitude and his children are the best example of this, they are not just some trust fund children, they have to work and work hard. I would love to meet his kids, especially, Ivanka and Eric (sorry Donald Jr., you are also impressive; but, I would rather ask them questions - test them). I know the question I would ask all of his children. If your father is the Republican nominee and he could not own any corporation and had to sell Trump Industries to go into the general election, would you tell him too. Now remember, his kids all work for that company. I think his kids would all tell him to sell the company and continue the race. I asked my kids once if they thought I should have taken jobs in the private industry that paid a lot more and were offered to me, they all said no, we had enough. That is what my kids told me and that is what his kids would say. I believe that and your kids don't learn that if they are lazy, greedy people.

There is no way that anything I say on this blog will effect the election. I have a very limited readership. I will probably never meet any of the Trumps and I am a social democrat. Socialism just means taking care of your neighbors, that is all it means. If Trump is alive when the final Presidential election is held, I will vote for Trump rather than Clinton. That will mean that in the past 20 years or so, I will voted for one Democrat (Sanders) and one Republican (Trump). I think that makes me an Independent. Have a great day.

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