Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday, 5/9/2016 A Mixed Bag of Nonsense

Geek Wire - BioViva’s Liz Parrish makes progress in controversial gene quest to reverse aging.  A women took an experimental gene therapy in Columbia, because it is illegal in the United States. If you think this technology is decades away, you are foolish. If you think it will be available to you, you are stupid. How much do you think the wealthy would pay to live forever? A lot more than you or me.

L.A. Daily News - America’s trucking industry faces a shortage. Meet the immigrants helping fill the gap.  The trucking industry refuses to pay truckers enough to keep up with inflation, their solution is to hire recent immigrants at low wages for that industry. Their next solution will be to buy self-driving trucks. Watch and see.

The Hill - Trump warns against ‘false song of globalism’. Isn't globalism worth discussing, the young people think it is and the middle class wants to know how it has benefitted them. How does anyone benefit from outsourcing jobs to China other than China and those who want to dodge taxes?

Yahoo - Reuters - Exclusive: Half of Americans think presidential nominating system 'rigged' - poll.  That is because it is rigged, the leaders of the parties have told you how they are rigged. Neither party has a truly democratic process, the wealthy and powerful vote is worth more than other members of the party. That is just a fact.

New York Post - Bloomberg turning to robots to deliver the news.  Yes, the media is seriously looking at automating reporting. I actually wrote about this years ago. I guess you just program it to automatically generate propaganda.

Bloomberg - Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash.  This "revolutionary" technology is basically a new version of Bitcoin. Here is where the problem begins, you can instantly move money out of the country instantaneously and thereby avoid taxes. That is the primary reason behind it. The question becomes who will control it and how can new digital currency be created, by the government or by the financial industries? Rothchild once said that he didn't care who ran a country as long as he controlled the currency.

Yahoo - Associated Press - Puerto Rico skips bond payments, says Congress must help.  Puerto Rico is an American territory, it doesn't get representation and is prohibited by the U.S. from declaring bankruptcy, a right that apparently Detroit and New York have. Will it become America's Greece where we impose unlivable austerity to pay back hedge funds?

Reuters - Japan ambassador takes veiled swipe at Trump's 'America First' stance.  This is great, the Japanese Ambassador basically said that they need America to have nuclear weapons so that South Korea and Japan don't need to pay to make their own. Great, Trump said they need to pay more for us to be the military for them.

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