Sunday, May 8, 2016

American Manufacturing and the Election

I have been reading articles that ridicule the idea of bringing back manufacturing. They all basically say that jobs coming back will go to robots. Okay; but, the revenue from manufacturing would return to the United States which would help take care of this country. The wealthy do not want that but the middle class and working class do, that is what the Sanders and Trump campaigns are about.

The wealthy's hate of Democracy and a strong middle class became fervent in the late 1960s and one indication of it was a memo written by Lewis Powell, who became a Supreme Court justice when he pleaded with the Chamber of Commerce to help change public opinion so that the power could be taken away from the majority.

The Powell Memorandum

He basically claimed that business could not tolerate the democratic process being used to fight against big business or for consumers. He called for using the educational system and the media to propagandize the middle class. Nothing has changed. Oh, that memo was issued in 1971, that is when the attacks on the middle class were began in earnest.

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