Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Media Propaganda Exposed.

Yahoo - Trump moneyman’s shady history.  So the Republican National Committee and the Trump for President organization have joined together for joint fundraising. This is pretty common, when someone gets their party's nomination they work with their parties national committee to coordinate their actions. Joint committee means that Trump and the RNC chose members of the committee, that is sort of what joint means. In fact during a dinner in Los Angeles, Trump said he was glad to be raising funds to help the party keep Hillary from being elected. That is an odd thing to say, isn't it? He is the nominee, why didn't he say he was thrilled to be raising money for his general campaign. Hmmmm.

Well, it turns out that one of the members on that committee is a man from Los Angeles who I have written about many times over the years, Mr. Elliot Broidy. Mr. Broidy sat on the pension boards for the City of Los Angeles and the state of California, he also pled guilty to felony charges over his bribing government officials in New York. In fact, one of the people who he bribed was the Comptroller for the State of New York. As for Mr. Broidy, I am on record for having called for him to be questioned regarding his actions on the pension boards of California and Los Angeles. I have dozens and dozens of posts calling the man a crook and they go back seven years. I am not afraid of either Mr. Broidy or CIM Group suing me because I never post what I cannot back up and always identify my sources and provide links to them. While I suspect both of them of more than I will write about at the moment, I will not make accusations I cannot document. This is the same reason that I will not post accusations that I have received regarding the death of Pastor Carol Daniels, for that my answer remains constant, if you have proof take it to the police not the Pimpernel. If either CIM or Mr. Broidy chose to sue me, I would get answers to my questions to them and they would settle with me out of court in my favor rather than answer them. I have studied them for seven years or so and know exactly who I would drag into depositions. What is the point of all this, I know a lot about Mr. Broidy; but, what I do not know is whether he is working for the RNC or the Vote Trump faction; but, I have an idea. I know that Mr. Broidy has worked fundraisers for Republicans for decades, in fact Mr. Broidy has worked for awhile on the Republican Jewish Coalition.

I bring this up because, well, surprise, the media is intentionally making false innuendos about Trump without backing it up. I want you to do a internet search for "Donald Trump" "Elliot Broidy", you will not find anything linking them in the past and don't forget, Broidy was busted in New York where Trump is big news. In fact, five of the 20 members of the coalition sat on the Republican Jewish Coalition, many of whom worked on those groups during the Bush administration. Here is an article from the Times of Israel - Five Jewish donors on joint GOP-Trump fundraising team. You see, Mr. Broidy has been a big Israel supporter and many of his companies investments were in Israel companies, in fact, he has said that he created one of the funds specifically to promote investment in Israel. The article from the Israeli press says that many American Jews are leery of Trump because he has not given 100% of his support to anything that Israel might do and wants Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians.

Now, here is what is amazing, if you search for Trump and Broidy, you will find dozens and dozens of articles saying that Broidy is Trump's "shady" moneyman. Firstly, Mr. Broidy is not "shady", he is a convicted criminal. Secondly, there is nobody who has written that Trump hired or chose Mr. Broidy or even if Broidy is on the committee representing the RNC or Trump, why not? If Trump and Broidy have a past, why not doesn't the media disclose it, I would. Here is another question, why are there more articles about Broidy working on this joint committee than there were outside of New York when he pled guilty to bribing the New York State Comptroller?

How many people are going to pick up on this fact?  How many reading these articles about "Trump moneyman" are going to know anything about Mr. Broidy's history? How many are going to question the article or look at what it doesn't say, how it uses misdirection to imply things that are misleading? Look, the reality is that nobody cares about this article or the implications, nobody trusts the media when it comes to Trump. There is a thing called overplaying your hand and the media has done it; but, doesn't know what else to do.

Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of talk about how establishment Republicans are considering supporting the Libertarian candidate as a third party candidate so that Trump will not win. LOL. This is the dumbest idea I have read in a long time and lets face it, there have been many dumb ideas by the establishment to stop Trump that have failed miserably. If you are a liberal then you probably always believed Republicans are racists, so why are their "leaders" fighting Trump. Some say the Republicans created Trump; but, were only kidding. The Republican establishment is only concerned with tax breaks for the wealthy, they don't care about Americans, the middle class, illegal immigrants, gays, abortion or anything else, just their pocketbook and that fits in perfectly with the Libertarian PARTY, not the Libertarian philosophy. True middle class and working class Republicans will not vote for the Libertarian Party, not gonna happen. I should also point out that the vast majority of Republicans are more concerned about Hillary winning than believe a vote for a Libertarian Party candidate will stop her. That is just a fact. If you get confused, remember, 6 companies own 90% of all the media and all six are globalists, not American nationalists.

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