Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cesar Chavez, Trump and Illegal Immigration.

I remember Cesar Chavez, heck we hold a holiday for him in California. I also remember Edward R. Murrow, the best journalist ever. Decades ago, Mr. Murrow did an investigative report about how Mexicans were treated on the farms in California. The wealthy use illegal immigrants to keep costs down by not paying them what legal Americans get for the same work. Nothing has changed.

Let me ask you a question, why are wealthy Americans paying to fight Trump on illegal immigration, because they care so much about them or because they make so much off of them. Follow the money every time and you will get the answers you seek 99% of the time.

Let's be clear, if I was poor and lived in Mexico, I would find a way to get her. Heck, My great-grandfather came here from Ireland to avoid being killed by the British because he had killed a English soldier and was part of the original Irish Republican Army. Having said that, who in their mind would be promoting more illegal immigration and who would benefit from it? It is because they are illegal immigrants that the people who employ them can pay them less. It is simple math, oh, and the employers don't have to pay Social Security, Workers Compensation or make sure that they have healthcare.

Firstly, I believe in community and nation. God, family and country. I am an American of Irish decent, I am an American first because this country took my family in. Secondly, if it were not for Mexican immigration, we would not have enough people to do our jobs and certainly not enough who we could live with without extreme problems. I don't shy from issues, would you rather have 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants or 12 million illegal Arab Muslim immigrants? Don't shy from the question, say it doesn't matter and let others judge whether you are right or wrong. Look to Brussels of England for your answer. Mexicans don't have their own version of the law, Muslims have Sharia law and enforce it on people in countries that do not and are democratic rather than theistic. They create their own laws within countries without a vote or any agreement.

So, what is the impact if we allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country on them? They will continue to get less than everyone else and not be made citizens, they will not even be second class citizens. Now, what would benefit illegal immigrants, only two things, either they get kicked out or are given the chance to be legal citizens. Trump has said that he will kick them all out and then allow them back in the country if they had not committed crimes. Is that better or worse for illegal immigrants? How come the people who are against Trump over this issue don't just want to give them all citizenship? Not a tough question, they want them here; but, they don't want to give them the same rights as citizens and want to be able to kick them out if they fight the system. That is the money and that is the truth.

Now lets talk about Cesar Chavez again, what would he say? Hmmmm, he wanted everyone that worked on the farms to have the same rights, he wanted all that worked on the farms to be treated fairly and paid fairly. Remember what Kasich wanted for his state that was mainly agricultural, he wanted work visas with no benefits for the illegals, he represents the establishment view of immigrants, cheap labor with no rights. Think about it.

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