Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something Is Bothering Me

Okay, this is not a political or scientific post, it is merely a personal post. Something is bothering me. I know I said that I recently got kicked out of my apartment by the new owners, everyone in the building was kicked out, 60 days notice the day escrow cleared. LOL. I was gone in 33 days and bought a place, something I never wanted to do again but am happy with now. I don't have to care for the outside, just my space.

Well, the owners of the building I lived in want to cheat me in a small way. Mind you there was no rent control where I lived, they can do what they want; but, they want to keep more of my security deposit than is right. Here I the truth the new owners said and did things that I could really make cost them a lot of money. They even broke some postal laws by removing the mailboxes.

It doesn't really matter how many things I could charge them for or how stupid they have been, it is meaningless to me on a level. Let's say that they could try and cheat me out of $250, how much effort of mine is that worth and how much pain would be right to inflict on them unless they give it all back? One of the nicest people I know in the world told me I should rip their throats out. I believe she was being protective of me and I appreciate that; but, I can ignore a lot of things anymore and do not seek fights.

Let us just assume that for very little money and less effort I could cost them ten thousand to me and whatever attorney's fees would be involved over a $250 disagreement. Is that really worth it? They will never read this blog and have even violated the laws in California over when you must give back last months rent and security deposit.

Kids, look, the Pimpernel is more than capable of taking care of bad guys. If I explain to them everything they have messed up, they won't stop being them, they will only learn new tricks. I can afford to take a loss, their next loss will be worse than what I would do, they will make the same mistakes again; but, against someone who actually cares.

What is bothering me is not the few hundred dollars at stake, it is my friends thinking I am not protecting myself. I am protecting myself as is needed and rational. Don't fight because you are in the right or because you can win, fight because your opponent will learn something or others will, fight when it makes things better. Peace.

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Alfred Newman said...

peace is right, let it go and forget it.
"vengeance is mine saith the Lord."