Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit and Media Propaganda About the Outcome.

I have been writing about Nigel Farage and the wish of many to leave the European Union for a couple of years. Long before Trump ran for President of Americans had even heard of Farage or Brexit. All my posts are time stamped by blogspot and I cannot change the time stamps. Well, Britain voted to leave the European Union on Thursday and the media is all united in saying that the voters were idiots and really didn't want to leave the EU. Why?

This post is not about the Brexit, like many of my posts it is about propaganda and corporate controlled media lies. While the majority of Britain's voted to leave the EU, I cannot find one late night show host who has not insulted them for doing so. Whether Britain had voted to stay or leave the EU I would not have called them idiots. People should vote their conscience not what they are told unless you have a representative government as we are told we have.  Why is it that not one of the late night hosts has congratulated the British on their decision? Could it be because the six companies that own 90%+ of all the mass media are globalists?

Right now, if you follow the news, you will be able to watch the media use the exact same propaganda for globalism that will be used if Trump wins, trust me, it is the exact same storyline.

Here a couple of really simple questions. If Brexit was going to cause the end of the world then why didn't the American media disuses it more prior to the vote? Now here is a really important question that is hard to grasp at first. If California is more important to the world than England's economy (which it is), then why didn't the markets fail more when we experienced riots, drought, earthquakes, floods and everything else you can imagine in the same year? You see, Britain's effect on the world wide economy is minimal compared to China or the United States or even just California.

Britains vote to leave the EU will have zero effect for the next two years because that is how long it will take to cease living under EU regulations, if they choose not to follow them. Britain does not produce much anymore, Jaguars will continue to be sold in Europe and America and China, their vote to leave the EU will not effect how many products they sell overseas or how many Chinese televisions they but, this has no long term. real economic effect, the market volatility was going to happen anyways, as I had previously written about prior to the vote, and is only meant to punish the British for not being total globalists willing to give up their choice over their laws.

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