Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sanders Supporters and the Media.

Bernie Sanders had many supporters and I believe was a sincere man. If anything his problem was that he tried to play a game and didn't understand the rules or how to keep true to his beliefs when confronted with the need to drop out of the race. While I have said that I detest the Clintons and the Bushes, I have never said I disliked Bernie, what I have said is that I am disappointed in him. Since he has supported Hillary, I am not alone in being disappointed. Imagine if Jeb Bush had won the primaries and Trump came out and supported him, how do you think the Trump supporters would have felt. Trump and Sanders both ran on being against the establishment and a rigged system.

One thing I have not done is insult Bernie, Hillary, Bush, Trump or anyone else's supporters. That is the last sign or desperation and is despicable in a democracy. To describe anyone's supporters as all the same is both stupid and stereotyping. I have seen a lot of that this year by the establishment media. I have seen Trumps supporters all be called racist, stupid, joe six pack, women haters and everything else you can think of, oh yeah and Nazis. That last onw bothers me and is an insult to all the people killed by the Nazis. I have seen the same type of stereotyping used against the Sanders supporters by the Democratic establishment. They are accused of being young, stupid, crybabies and disloyal to the Democratic party. People, they are not members of your party or your establishment, that was what this election was all about, the establishment versus the people. At the convention Sarah Silverman called Sander's supporters "ridiculous" for not wanting Hillary Clinton while also wanting them to chant "unity". People don't want unity with people who call them ridiculous. Think about this, Trump never slammed his opponents supporters, not Hillary's and not Bushes.

I watched a number of videos today about the election. Lets see, there are more articles asking whether or not the Russians hacked the DNC's e-mails than discussed the fact that they showed the DNC was actively working to get Hillary elected and undermine Sanders. They wanted to attack Sanders for being an atheist. Wait, please tell me what religion Clinton is. Is she a Baptist, Lutheran or what. She is no Christian. Nobody is voting for Hillary because of her devout Christianity. The fact of the matter is that Hillary is smug, condescending and insincere.

Why has this come up? Well, I have been collecting videos to compare and contrast; but, I cannot post them until after the DNC has closed. It will be a post about media manipulation and propaganda. In preparation of the post, I have been watching all the late night shows. The post will be about how the media treats Hillary and Trump. In the course of watching these videos I found one particularly annoying, smug, condescending and insincere and it is by Seth Meyers. It is an attack on Sanders supporters and you should watch it. He can kiss away lots of his younger audience and rightly so.

YouTube - Hey! A Message to Bernie or Bust Die-Hards.  He begins by saying that the Sanders supporters who booed the head of the DNC that actively worked to help Hillary and hurt Sanders were all white. Wow. He then says that "We don't have time for this", I don't recall him saying that about the Cruz supporters who attempted to steal the election by changing the majority rules at the RNC. He then tells Sanders supporters to "stop crying". He also says, "I don't know what class you ditched to go to those Sanders rallies". What he knows is that the younger people don't trust, like or want Hillary and he proceeds to chastise them and threaten them will Trump taking over as a dictator.

I should also point out that Meyers says about 48% of all Americans are crazy. He then goes on to say that even though the Bernie supporters hate her, they should have the decency to not say it and he says that Bernie is too old and needs to retire. This is his appeal for Democratic unity. He finishes by telling Sanders supporters to be quiet and basically shut up.

Many pundits have said that Trump is the end of the GOP; but, this election will probably be the end of the Democrats. Those young people who are roundly being insulted by the Democrats do not like globalism or the establishment and they are being slapped in the face by the Democratic party.


You know what is really upsetting me, I didn't know all of it; but, I am mad at Sanders for not standing up for his supporters.

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