Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Media Does Not Like Democracy Much

I have not liked any of the past presidents since Carter. Many will say he wasn't a great President; but, he is a very decent person and smart. I did not like either Bush and did not like Clinton. Obama is an empty suit. I liked Sanders; but, he lost. I do not like Hillary or the parade of 16, Bush imitators including the one who was actually a Bush. As for Trump, I am not sure about him; but, strongly agree with his anti-globalist message. Remember that I supported both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement on this very blog.

Whether you love or hate Trump, you have to admit that the media has shown no fairness or balance in their coverage. I believe this is primarily due to the fact that almost all of the media is literally owned by six companies that are all globalist in nature.

The Denver Post - Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus.

I have written many times about how the wealthy hate democracy. Well, the media doesn't like it either. The Republican National Committee has rules for selecting their candidate and one of those rules requires the delegates to vote as the people of their state voted, you know "representative democracy". This year the caucus voters in Colorado voted to not select or even vote on a Presidential nominee for the Republican party. A couple of hundred, at best, sought to deny the people of Colorado any say in who becomes the Presidential nominee for the Republican party. They did this to deny Trump any delegates from that state. Now again, hate Trump or love him; but, shouldn't out votes and opinion matter?

Consider this, what would you say if the English Prime Minister was chosen only by the royal family? Would you think that democratic or right? There were delegates from other states that did not wish to represent the people who sent them there and vote for whoever they wanted regardless of the opinion and express wishes of the people who voted in the primaries and caucuses in their states. Rather than calling these people out for ignoring the democratic process and the will of the people, the media apparently supported them and bemoaned and cried about the fact that they were not allowed to change the rules which require them to vote the will of the caucus or primary voters.

I have watched Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, just about everyone on CNN, many on Fox and just about all of the media complain or disparagingly discuss the crime of not letting the delegate ignore democracy and vote against Trump. The left media, who complained about superdelegates in the Democratic party showed their hypocrisy by basically saying that the delegates in the Republican party should all be superdelegates.

Trump is not the issue, this is not about a person. Trump and Sanders were both the last peaceful attempt by the working and middle class to insist upon being heard and represented. They are the second wave, with the Occupy Movement and Tea Party being the first wave. The establishment better pray that Trump wins or we will se the third wave and that is always stronger than the first two. People want to be represented and have their voice heard. The fact is that the Democratic party has not represented their voters or looked out for them and neither has the Republican party.

As for Hillary Clinton, I have always disliked her and believe her to be an admitted globalist rather than a supporter and representative of the United States. I will post a video of her in a second where she praises globalists. She does not represent this country, she represents wealthy globalist interests that have paid her over one hundred million dollars to represent their interests to the detriment of United States interests.

YouTube - Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite and One World Government

Someone sent me a comment on my last post and I wrote a response to their comment. Their question was whether it was or was not constitutional for a state to leave the United States if Brexit was okay. In many ways their question was about democracy; but, it also turned on whether or not commitments matter that are made democratically. Most of what is going on politically right now is about the establishments hate for democracy. When you started working money was taken from your paycheck to pay your social security when you retire, Medicaid, Medicare and unemployment insurance. Many politicians, your representatives, are now complaining that they don't want to keep those commitments and would rather use that money for other things. That is anti-democratic and a violation of the social contract. Heck, it is a violation of all contracts as they have already taken the money from you.

Imagine that you hire someone for $1,000 to fix your car, they take your money and then tell you that they don't want to fix your car. you would probably ask for your money back so that you could find someone else. How would you feel and what would you think if they then told you that you could not have your money back? It would be a crime and that is what we are seeing advocated by the press and the wealthy.

In England the media and the establishment have complained that democracy is wrong because Britain voted to leave the European Union. They also complained that the vote was the result of the middle class and working class looking out for their own interests rather than the interests of the wealthiest. The exact same is being said about people who are voting for Trump. Remember the billionaire that complained that his vote should matter more than everyone else's?

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