Friday, July 1, 2016

The Media Lies are too Obvious.

Fox - Trump trouble in the burbs?  Okay, so the newest article says that Trump is losing in the suburbs because those people prefer stability over change. Sounds reasonable; but, I have a question. From what we have been told, Trump loses with women, minorities, the young, the middle class, the rich, the educated and wins with racists. If that is true then one would need to assume that the only reason he won the primaries was because racist old white people are either the only people who vote or outnumber the middle class, the wealthy, the educated, women and minorities.

This blog has been around too long for people to accuse me of being a racist or an idiot. I have openly stated my support for the Occupy Movement and Bernie Sanders and it is all documented and time stamped and was said before Trump was even mentioned as running for office. This blog has always been about the lies that we are told, what is coming and what matters. We are seeing a consolidated media blitz against Trump and the real reason is not because of racism, companies that are against Trump have no problem with child labor in 3rd world countries. They only fear that they will be prohibited from outsourcing jobs and have to actually pay their fair share of taxes. That is what this is about and that is the same reason the "elite" or "establishment" feared the Brexit. It was the big banks that financed the Anti-Brexit campaign.

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