Thursday, August 11, 2016

Aroha New Zealand Cuisine

Recently I helped some friends out. They had a business deal that looked like they would lose out on when they were low bid and deserved to win. I was given two days to find an answer and I did and they got a substantial contract. I did it for free but told them they could buy me a nice dinner. They said I could pick any restaurant I wanted. I love great food and have very high tastes on occasion. I could have chosen the French Laundry in wine country and they would have taken care of it; but, I chose a fairly local restaurant, the only restaurant I have ever seen in America that serves New Zealand cuisine, which I had never had. We went tonight and it was amazing.

I don't allow advertisements on this blog and do not hawk products or services; but, I do give my opinion on things. This was one of the best meal experiences I have ever had in my life. Now, last week the majority of my hits came from Saudi Arabia, I have no idea why. This blog reaches countries I personally do not understand. While few if any of my readers will ever be in Westlake, California, if you are I highly recommend that you try out the restaurant. The service was fantastic, the food was amazing and I liked the atmosphere.

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