Monday, September 5, 2016

Media Morons, Don't Call People Stupid or Racist for Not Liking Hillary.

Facebook - Mike Rowe - Hillary, Stop Insulting Voters. So this guy named Mike Rowe said that he was tired of people saying that Trump supporters were uneducated and therefore not reasonable or intelligent. He talked about how there were a lot of people who couldn't afford college but still built their own businesses and were successful. He defended those who did not go to college from those who call them idiots and scum. He missed the point, it is not merely an attack on them, it is a justification for elitism.

Mr. Rowe was the star of a show called "Dirty Jobs", it was about the hard working decent people who do the dirty work that is needed for us to have a decent society. Attacking people for being American seems to be in vogue this year by the elitist scum. You know that the people who die in wars fighting for this country rarely graduate college? Calling them undeserving of having an opinion is disgusting. Then again, elitists have referred to the army as stupid cattle in the past. You are good enough to die for them; but, not choose your leaders.

I love simple questions so I shall ask one. If we all live this life, whose opinion is meaningless and be ignored? What does your IQ need to matter? They used to say that women and blacks should not be allowed to vote because they were incapable of understanding things. If uneducated whites (no college degree) does not matter than why do you believe the democrats value the opinion of uneducated women, blacks and Hispanics?

I don't believe in parties, I believe in beliefs. I believe in communities getting together, we call that socialism. I believe in people helping one another.

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