Sunday, October 23, 2016

To Chelsea Clinton

I remember when you moved into the white house. I remember you as a child, I have three of my own and like you, they have grown up. I was an odd father, I had a strange job and strange friends and relatives. Not the kind of people most people know. You had the same thing. I cannot imagine how strange junior high would have been being the presidents daughter. I don't think many of us can.

I don't like your parents. I don't know if you would have liked my parents. My opinion of them does not skew my opinion of you.  You grew up with everyone having an opinion about you, talking about your looks, looking for your mistakes and judging you for your parents. I am sorry for that and have felt the same for all of the children of people who chose to become politicians or President.

You can pick your party, you can pick your nose; but, you cannot pick your parents or the options you have at birth. Trump was born into a rich family and his father lent him X millions to start his own company. He did and he grew it. This is not about Trump. My parents worked hard and put me through college, that cost a lot, in fact for four years it cost about a quarter of my fathers income. They gave me the freedom to study whatever I wanted. They never told me what courses to take or how I would need to make money, they assumed I would live by my choices and make it because I would have the options I would need to take a good job I did not want until I could afford on my own to take the jobs I wanted for my soul.

I had more options than you. You could not choose to be unnoticed working at a Starbucks. That is not an option in your life. You cannot choose to disappear, you will always be the daughter of your parent. You might like that or hate that; but, we all start somewhere. People may be envious; but, your start was not determined by you. We all start somewhere and it is different for each of us.

WikiLeaks has just released emails from you. Once again you are in the news without having personally done anything wrong. I am so sorry young lady. I do hope that you are shown in a good light personally. Nobody is perfect and your warts may be talked about too. We all start from somewhere and it effects us as we grow. The question is not who we have been or even who we are, it is who do we want to be, what choices will I make. Those you have control over, live your heart and don't choose you because of your parents, choose you because of you.

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