Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exposing The Media's Social Bias Favoring the Establishment

Let us assume that Trump is the Anti-Christ, Nazi jerk. Lets just assume that is all true and that the media is right in vilifying him because he talked about a woman's private parts to another guy on a bus. Assume whatever horrible thing about him you wish. Justify all the harsh criticism and media against him is justified. Here is my simple question, why haven't they taken the same attitude about the swine that bankrupt this country?

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and other multinational banks intentionally destroyed this nation and other nations economies and rigged all of the financial markets. Why have we not seen the same outrage over these criminals?

How much time has the media actually spent discussing how jobs are being sent overseas or how these same companies are avoiding paying taxes in the United States compared to how much time they have spent discussing the Kardashians rear-ends or Trump's attitude about women?

I have said before. this election is exposing more about he media and the establishment than about the candidates. Look at how the media ignores the Podesta e-mails or the O'Keefe videos showing Democratic operatives openly discussing rigging the vote and for me that is not the real fear. The real fear is that the electoral college will be manipulated as has been promoted by the Washington Post and others if needed to give Hillary the election.

By the way, I am not talking about during this election, I am talking about since the economic collapse. Not a day goes by in the last year and a half that the media does not spotlight some shortcoming in Trump. How many days have gone by with the media not discussing Jimie Dimon and JP Morgan fixing the markets with nobody going to jail yet?

The party establishment are neither liberal nor conservative, they are all multi-nationalist oligarchs and their supporters. The media is neither liberal nor conservative either, they are the establishment and part of the oligarchy. When six companies own 90% of the media, that is by definition an oligarchical media.

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