Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jill Stein and the Proposed Recount

Jill Stein represented the Green Party and clearly lost in her run for President. In the election she won 1.4 million votes. Trump received 62.4 million votes and Hillary Clinton won 64.6 million votes. The electoral votes going to Trump equal 306 electoral votes and Hillary received 232 electoral votes. Stein received 0 electoral votes.

Stein has asked for a recount in 3 states. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Michigan she received 51,000 votes with Trump getting 2.2 million votes. In Wisconsin she received 31,000 votes with Trump getting 1.4 million votes. In Pennsylvania she received 49,000 votes and Trump received 2.9 million votes. Stein received less than 3% of the vote in every state.

Stein raised and spent only 3 million dollars for her campaign; but, since losing she has received 5 million dollars to fight for the recount. Where did the money come from. It did not come from her supporters they had a year and a half and she could only raise 3 million for her campaign, so who is paying for the recount?

Politically it would have looked bad for Hillary to call for the recount so her camp used Stein to do it for them and she sold out. There is no possible way for a recount to help Stein, none. After Stein requested the recount, Hillary came out to say that she would support it. How convenient and this occurs after she had already conceded.

So what is the purpose of the recount? The purpose is to challenge the electors in those states to vote for Hillary and switch the state vote. They are looking for a reason that would make those electoral college voters vote for Hillary even though she lost in those states. I wrote about this over six months ago and it is not surprising to me and it shouldn't be to you.

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