Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pizzagate? The Coonsequence of Fake News and Being Like the Mass Media.

I recently started seeing articles about something being called "Pizzagate". I didn't read any of them until today after someone mentioned it to me. A number of years ago I posted links to a couple of videos on YouTube, "Boys for Sale" and "Conspiracy of Silence". The two videos are about pedophiles connected to the powerful and rich in Washington D.C. and Texas. I also posted an F.B.I. flyer showing symbolism used by pedophiles, specifically an all seeing eye in the shape of a pyramid that was used on coins and as jewelry. My  readers may remember that I also posted about Jimmy Saville prior to his being fully exposed as a pedophile in England.

So, I started watching videos explaining this pizzagate. I am not posting links to them because I am not convinced that they haven proven anything. So here is what we do and do not know as of this moment.

1. Huma Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner" sent naked pictures to young women and ended up being investigated by Federal and local authorities.
2. As a result of that investigation the email server use by Hillary Clinton went back into the news.
3. There are a number of emails published by WikiLeaks from Podesta's account that talk about "pizza" and it is pretty clear it is often used as code for something else. This is something that people who take drugs do too. Instead of saying you want pot, people would say they wanted flowers or more greenery or whatever their code word was.
4. Nobody and not one video has provided evidence that could be used in a court of law to arrest or charge anyone with a specific crime.

Now, this will be used to discredit anyone who disagrees with the official story about anything. This will be the poster boy for going after "fake news". I will not participate in such things. My readers should know that if I cannot back it up, I will not post it. I provide links to verifiable sources when I make claims and most often to source documents. When I say that the Canadian government is planning for bail ins, I provide a link to their official site that shows the law they passed that says just that.

I have been writing this blog for almost 7 years and not once has anybody claimed that I was making up facts. While people may not appreciate it, I spend all day reading the news and fact checking against source documents that I can prove. People can deny my conclusions but they cannot deny my source documents and nobody ever has. Technically I would be considered "alt media"; but, they cannot accuse me of being fake news.

I do not monetize this site, I make no money from it, not a penny. I don't get recognized as the writer of this blog because it is anonymous and has been from day one. If YouTube or Blogger start censoring, it will not effect me because I follow the rules of writing and do not slander or liable people, I verify and provide access to what others have reported in the "mainstream media" to show how we are manipulated.

People who do mot believe in climate change propaganda are called climate change deniers; but, I provided links to the 800,000 years of ice core data that showed it is nonsense. That is information that is not used by climate change "scientists". I provided links to the actual information about tree ring climate information that is ignored by the people saying we are going through manmade climate change. You can write controversial stuff without making things up or freaking out.

Hysteria in the alt media will lead to it's regulation. I anticipated that which is why I follow strict rules in writing this blog. You do not see the Pimpernel cussing or slandering people for a reason. I don't just post whatever news is on my mind. While you may not know it, I sometimes take weeks to post about a single article or report while I think about it. Look for that in the news sources that you follow.

I read a lot of biased and crazy stuff to look for issues; but, I never use whack jobs as source material. I do not trust alarmists or gold bugs (people who write stuff so they can sell more gold or anything else). I don't hawk products, I don't ask for money and I don't make things up.

There is a coming purge of the internet, the powers that be will be demonetizing sites that don't act responsibly. That may be good or bad; but, it is coming. It will not effect this blog one bit. I have built it to be lawsuit proof and will stand by everything I write in a court of law if sued.

I don't use Facebook; but, I am sure some of my readers do. If you do then please make sure that you only post what you can verify or pictures of cats and food. Please maintain reliability in what you post as truth rather than just make speculations.

In my personal life, the Pimpernel is respected in business for being truthful and seeing what others might miss. I have just been offered some piece work, a consulting gig by people I like and respect and who oddly enough might like and respect me. That is an honor and I can use the money. I haven't even been given any hard requirements, it is sort of a "look at this and advise us" sort of job. If I feel I cannot be of any use, I will refuse the job as they would expect based on their years of being across the table from me. The alt media has to be the same.

The mass media has lost all respect because they have ceased having any integrity. The same will happen to the alternative media if we follow in their footsteps.

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