Saturday, December 31, 2016

Do Not Post on What You Cannot Verify

"The Next News Network" and others are claiming that within Podesta's emails there was an e-mail that claims that Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich all received money to their PACs or SuperPacs from the Clinton campaign to stay out of the way and not support Trump during the summer. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Yet, nobody is publishing a copy of the e-mail.

Don't repeat what people say if they do not link to the source or an established outlet. The real threat to bloggers, vloggers and the alternative media (i.e. not corporate controlled) is themselves. There is nothing wrong with conjecture or opinion as long as it is not stated as FACT. There is nothing wrong with asking what motivates others, there is nothing wrong with questioning motives; but, if you are going to state something as fact you had better be able to point to a source that can be sued rather than you.

Censorship is coming. It will not be government censorship per se, it will be instituted by private companies like Facebook and Twitter and has already begun. You wait and see, the United Nations will make a treaty that says what can and cannot be allowed on the internet or at least that will be the effect of the treaty. These agreements, like the actions of the European Union, are unnecessary and meant to limit free speech. Countries already have their own slander and libel laws and those apply to the internet.

Let's say I post an article claiming that Barak Obama is a gay child molester, that might be allowed as political speech about a public figure. Say the same thing about your ex-wife and you could be sued unless you have proof. If you claim it about President Obama you are just a fool. Unsubstantiated claims without evidence undermine your credibility. Protect freedom of speech by acting responsibly.

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