Saturday, December 31, 2016

More Fake News From the Washington Post - Russia Did NOT Attack Our Power Grid

The Washington Post - Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say

The Washington Post story begins with this statement, "A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to U.S. officials."  Firstly the "code" is not "associated" with Russia, Grizzly Steppe or anyone other than low grade hackers. The code is basically convincing someone to reset their password and that password is then given to the hacker. This is NOT high tech hacking, this is common everyday fishing that is used by most hackers out there. Secondly, NO code was found on the Vermont utilities "system. The reset password scam was accepted by someone who worked for the utility on, supposedly. someone's work laptop. I personally managed the systems group for a $250 million a year organization and guess what, this is pretty common especially when people use their laptops to view porn or other such garbage using company laptops.

Even the Washington Post is already backing off this fake news as at the end of the article they say this, "An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid. Authorities say there is no indication of that so far. The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid."  This is a common propaganda technique used by the media, say one thing in your headline and then walk it back in the article hoping that nobody reads the whole article. The Pimpernel reads whole articles and you should too.

The mere fact that this article comes out a day after the FBI posted their fake report which showed NO evidence of Russia hacking the DNC should raise questions and if you read the whole Washington Post article you will note that the Vermont Utility and the fed don't even know when this laptop was infected.

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