Saturday, December 10, 2016

Free Speech and "Fake News"

Anyone who reads my blog will notice that I am selective in who I will link to. However, in addition to the mainstream media that I will link to, I also read and watch lots of alternative media; both left and right. Today I am going to link and embed some of these alternative sources.

Since the election has ended there has been a concerted effort to go after the alternative media and has been labeling all non-corporate media as "fake news". The poster child for this attack has been "pizzagate". Now, I personally wrote a post here saying that those pushing the pizzagate narrative were being foolish and libelous. My point was simple, if you cannot provide actionable evidence of a crime then you should not accuse people of committing a crime. I also stated in that post that this story would be used to limit free speech and now it is.

One of the people who has been accused of being a leader in fake news is Alex Jones of Infowars. I do not recall ever having linked to his site; but, I read and watch his reports daily. In fact I also watch The Young Turks daily and they are the exact opposite of Infowars on most issues. Jones would be associated with the Libertarian-Patriot movement and The Young Turks are associated with the Progressive movement. I watch both and many more to get a 360 degree perspective on the news. I don't link to or agree with either of them most of the time because I do not believe in either a left or right perspective and have said many times that there is no more Democratic party or Republican party, their is just a corporate party using the Democrats and Republicans for the benefit of the establishment and wealthy.

The last 18 months have exposed the mainstream media as completely biased and this is not surprising as 90% of our media is owned by 6 companies. Monopolies always ignore the truth and what is correct in exchange for having their monopoly. This election cycle we have seen members of the media openly say they do not need to be objective (Washington Post and New York Times among others) and have seen them provide debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of debates, clear articles through the Clinton campaign and countless actions designed to propagandize in order to get Hillary elected. The result of their failure to determine the outcome of the election is that companies are now questioning the value of the mainstream media in selling products and ideas and advertising revenue is dropping across the board for them. At the same time, the alternative media is exploding and growing.

As the mainstream media goes after the alternative media I think my readers should know what is out there and judge for themselves these alternative sources.

So, here is some of the alternative media that I read daily.

YouTube - The Alex Jones Channel

YouTube - H.A. Goodman
Mr. Goodman is a Sanders supporter and progressive. He is not a conservative or even a Republican.

YouTube - styxhexenhammer666
Styx is a Libertarian and an Occultist. Having said that, he gives a fairly good overview of facts and his analysis is worthy of hearing.

YouTube - The Jimmy Dore Show
Mr. Dore is a Progressive and a sometime comedian.

YouTube - Secular Talk
The person who makes this show is a Progressive and anti-religious; but, again some good analysis.

YouTube - Mark Dice
I don't watch this guy everyday as I find him somewhat annoying; but, sometimes he is funny and points out things worth thinking about.

YouTube - The Young Turks
Cenk, the leader of this channel. is a Progressive and Sanders supporter.

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